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Online Dating Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 5 - July 14, 2004
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Table of Contents
1. From the Editor
2. Creative Date Ideas: Watch the Moon Set
3. Online Dating Tips: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
4. Relationship Tips: Follow a Compliment with a Question
5. Relationship Quote of the Week
6. Inspirational Quote of the Week
7. Romantic Ideas: Make Your Own Monopoly Game
8. News: Earthlink Internet Lifestyles Survey Covers Online Dating
9. Feature Link: Online Dating Works

From the Editor
It's interesting to note that very few online dating services put customer service over the almighty dollar. When online dating services first started out, the general rule of thumb was that when you became a paying member, you could communicate with anyone on the service, whether they were a paying member or not. Then one day some suits in a board meeting got the bright idea that they could "double" their profits by forcing a person to have to pay in order to read a message from someone else. Greed was born.

Today the majority of online dating services won't let you read a message from a paid member unless you also become a paid member. Not only is this system highly unfair to the paid member sending the message, but it potentially cheats thousands of people from ever having that first communication or meeting.

In future issues of this column, it will be my goal to mention some of the services that still cater to the original philosophy that when a person pays to send a message, the recipient of that message shouldn't have to pay to read it.

One of the largest online dating services still putting the customer first in this regard is LavaLife. LavaLife is one of the most unique online dating services out there in that instead of a monthly fee, you buy "credits" which are used to send an email or instant message to someone else. But when you do send an email, the person you sent it to can read it for free and communicate with you ongoing for free even if they are not a paying member. While LavaLife is far from perfect, the service has at least maintained a sense of knowing how to treat a paying customer. And for that, we give them kudos.

In the future I'll highlight more online dating services that allow paying members to communicate with anyone, regardless of their status. And if there's a particular one you think should be mentioned, let me know by emailing me via

Best Wishes,

Joe Tracy, editor
Online Dating Newsletter

P.S. I hope you enjoy this new edition of the Online Dating Newsletter, which includes one of my favorite ideas/concepts that you'll read about under Romance Ideas and that's creating your own Monopoly game - a priceless addition to your board game collection (and easy to do with the Make Your Own Opoly kit).


Creative Date Ideas: Watch the Moon Set
Like the sun, the moon also sets in the West. If you happen to be in the right place, on the right day, and at the right time then you and your date can watch the moon slowly set. Seeing the moon set amongs a backdrop of the ocean or mountains is particularly enjoyable. During the moon's "waning gibbous phase" you can see it set between sunset and midnight. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Online Dating Tips: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Your picture is one of the key elements of your profile and is, unfortunately, the most determining factor as to whether or not someone will read your profile. With this in mind, it is vital that you have nice recent photographs taken of you for your profile. Prepare for the picture like you would a first date. Here are a few tips for great pictures:

1) Have a friend spend 2-3 hours with you taking pictures from a digital camera.

2) Have a change of clothes handy to get you in different outfits.

3) Get some fun action shots. Pictures of people having fun pass on to others that you are a fun person.

4) Let your friend go crazy with the digital camera.

5) The more interesting or creative the picture, the better reason it gives for someone to contact you and ask you about the photo (or comment on it).

6) Make sure your clearly visible in the pictures and that the outfits you wear flatter your complexion.

7) Download the photos to your computer and select the 3-4 that you like the best. Use these in your profile. Every couple of weeks, change your main profile picture so that your listing doesn't get stale.

(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Tips: Follow a Compliment with a Question
"After giving a personal compliment, it is usually good to follow it with a question. Ultimately a man can best get to know a woman if he asks questions and she talks. The more he gets her to talk and share, the more opportunity there is for her to discover how much she is attracted to him. Asking a question after making a compliment also helps a woman to open up to receive the compliment. From this more receptive place, she can begin to share herself by answering his questions. Example: 'That's a pretty necklace. Where did you get it?' or "You have such pretty eyes. Did you get them from your mother or your father?'" (SOURCE: Mars and Venus on a Date, by John Gray, Ph.D. - in bookstores everywhere)


Relationship Quote of the Week
"Loving someone does not happen by accident. Love is a choice. We choose either to love or not to love. What makes a marriage work is when you and your spouse keep choosing to love one another. Your love is defined by a specific choice demonstrated by a firm commitment to love your spouse through the inevitable ups and downs, twists and turns, mountains and valleys, conflicts and problems, frustrations and tensions that are a part of every marriage." (SOURCE: Have Your Wedding Cake and Eat it Too, by Joey O'Connor)


Inspirational Quote of the Week
"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain


Romantic Ideas: Make Your Own Monopoly Game
Monopoly is a fun game to play, but how much more fun (and romantic) would it be if the game was customized just to your relationship? What if the game could outline major events between you and your partner? What if "Boardwalk" was instead the property of the place you met?

TDS Games has put out a game called "Make Your Own Opoly" that literally allows you to craft your own game! Using your computer printer, you create the real estate cards and special game cards. Not only would this make an excellent (and creative) gift, but it is also a wonderful way to spice a little romance into the relationship by reliving some special memories in a fun and exciting game.

You can purchase "Make Your Own Opoly" here.

(SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


News: Earthlink Internet Lifestyles Survey Covers Online Dating
(July 14, 2004 - Earthlink's recent in-depth "Internet Lifestyles" survey tackled many online topics, including online dating. In regards to online dating, here's what the survey found:

"People across the country are using the Internet to find new friends, and with numerous dating Web sites like, online dating is no surprise. In fact, men and women who have never been married are heading to the Internet in search of love with nearly 70 percent (68 percent) of them successfully finding dates. Which sex has the upper hand? Men, with 40 percent of those who have never been married finding a date on line, compared to only 28 percent of single women."

The survey covered a variety of topics, including what historical event people would have liked to have watched online. The winner was the lunar landing. Coming in second was JFK's assassination.

1,200 people were questioned for Earthlink's Internet Lifestyles survey.


Feature Link: Online Dating Works
By Online Dating Magazine Reader

"Online dating is just another way to meet potential dates. As in real life, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are so many pieces that need to fall into place to make that happen: chemistry, both being in "that place" at the same time, making a relationship one of your priorities, etc. My best friend and I figured it would take 50 or 100 dates before we found one guy we were interested in dating exclusively who was also interested in us. You can't meet two people, have it not work out, and think "online dating stinks."

As a single mom, I found online personal ads the easiest, quickest way to meet new people since I didn't have the luxury of many free weekend nights. Another bonus: my personal stated I had kids, so there was no need for me to "drop the bomb" on some guy I'd just met at a bar or out dancing...

For the full Online Dating Works article, click here.


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