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Online Dating Newsletter
Volume 1, Number 1 - June 16, 2004
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Table of Contents
1. From the Editor
2. Creative Date Idea: Glow Sticks at the Beach
3. Online Dating Tip: Online Dating Email Account
4. Relationship Tip: Ask "How Was Your Day?"
5. Relationship Quote of the Week
6. Inspirational Quote of the Week
7. Romantic Idea: Write a Message on a Rose
8. News: TrueBeginnings Changes Name to True
9. Feature Link: Brace Yourself for Online Dating Success

From the Editor
Welcome to the official first issue of the weekly Online Dating Newsletter. Every Wednesday, a new issue of the Online Dating Newsletter is emailed with the latest relationship and online dating tips, advice, and news. It is our goal to present ideas that will help build better relationships and concepts for improving your online dating experience.

In this issue, and the hundreds to follow, we will explore ideas and concepts that will make the dates and relationships you have truly unforgettable. There's no greater compliment that you can be given than to have a past partner look back and say, "that was the most wonderful date I've ever been on" or "that person was really amazing."

The other day I took a late night trip to the beach. I went to a remote area on a cliff and as I was walking (at 11pm at night), I heard guitar music. Soon I was able to see a guy and girl sitting at the edge of the cliff and the guy was playing a song for the girl. My only thought was that the experience was one that the girl would never forget. It was an amazing gesture the guy made.

It is widely known that key concepts to successful relationships are communication, chemistry, faithfulness, and honesty. Yet the secret to an incredible relationship is thoughtfulness. Thoughtfulness is when one partner goes out of his/her way to express their appreciation for the other partner through a unique or thoughtful gesture. This may be anything from hidden love notes, to surprise care packages or even well-planned secret dates. A partner will always notice the amount of time and thoughtfulness that is put into a relationship.

I'm good friends with one of my ex girlfriends and get to hear her share honest thoughts about her current two-year relationship. She picks up on a lot of things. For example, one Valentine's Day, her boyfriend had a custom bouquet of flowers made for her. They were extravagant. The next year for Valentine's Day he picked up a box of chocolates and flowers from a local grocery store. Not much time went into the selection and while she appreciated the gift, she couldn't help but be a little disappointed because little thought went into it. Women have strong intuition and notice the little things. And it's the little thoughtful things you do (and time you take to do them) that really build a deeper appreciation of the relationship in their eyes. You want to be the boyfriend or girlfriend that will never be forgotten, even if the relationship doesn't last.

The Online Dating Newsletter is all about building better relationships and a better dating experience. During this journey, I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments. You can email me via

The majority of creative date ideas and concepts you will learn in the Online Dating Newsletter are original ideas that you likely have never read anywhere else. It's fun to challenge creativity by coming up with new concepts and introducing a partner to something fun he/she has never done before. If you are the Webmaster of a Website and wish to republish these ideas, you are welcome to as long as you properly reference and link to the source - Online Dating Newsletter at

Best wishes for dating and relationship success,

Joe Tracy, editor
Online Dating Newsletter


Creative Date Idea: Glow Sticks at the Beach
Plan a late night trip to the beach with your date. In advance, go to a party store and buy a couple of glow sticks. When you arrive at the beach, present your partner with one of the glow sticks, light them up and have fun! You'll find that throwing the glow sticks to/at each other and in the air is quite fun and a neat visual. But in addition, you can throw the glow sticks into the ocean waves and they'll wash back up. It's like playing fetch with the ocean. You throw it and the waves bring it back. The light from the glow stick in the water is also quite enjoyable to watch. Just be sure to pick up and properly dispose of your glow stick when you're ready to leave. While at the beach, enjoy the opportunity to sit down and have a good talk. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Online Dating Tip of the Week: Get an Email Account Just for Online Dating
Part of the online dating experience involves eventually providing an email address to someone you are communicating with to make the process easier. For this, you should register an email account for the sole purpose of online dating. You want to do this for a couple of reasons. First, by not giving out your real email address, you remain safe in not providing too much identifying information to the person you are initially communicating with. Second, a new email address will be SPAM free and easy to keep your dating life organized.

Yahoo recently evolved its free email service to include 100MB of storage! This is an increase over the 6MB it used to offer. And Google is set to launch Gmail that will provide up to 1GB of storage space for free. Select a good username (one that matches your online dating username, if possible) and don't provide your Last Name in the last name field (which protects your identity when communicating with others). Never post your email address to prevent SPAM bots from picking it up.

Most of all, be selective of who you give your email address to. Some people set up a profile and state in the profile message for you to put an email address in your first communication since they are not a member (Here's some actual text from one profile: "I am not able to write you back if you write me. So you must send another address with your letter.") When you provide your email address, you are suddenly inundated with SPAM and may find your profile suddenly popping up on sites you never signed up for! Be very selective who you give your email address to and you will have a wonderful SPAM free dating communication experience. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Tip of the Week: Ask "How was Your Day?"
One of my friends recently told me that one of the most frustrating parts of her former marriage was that she could never talk to her husband. So if she had a bad day at work, she had no avenue to release that stress and it began to bog down her life. She was holding everything inside.

This week's tip is vitally important if you are a male. Pay very close attention. Four of the most crucial words you can use that will improve your relationship are simply, "How was your day?" By asking this question and taking the time to sincerely listen to your partner, you provide her with an avenue to share. She will appreciate you much more because you show an interest in how her day went. Spending 5 - 10 minutes a day just listening to her talk about her day will pay off in a growing appreciation she has for your interest in how her life (outside of the relationship) is going. (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


Relationship Quote of the Week
"A man will feel complimented if a woman loves his car, his stereo, or his favorite football team, but a woman feels complimented when she feels personally noticed and adored. Personal compliments are positive observations - things that a man notices about her when he is looking at her and relating to her. For a woman to begin having deeper feelings for a man, his compliments need to become more personal. When he makes three or more personal compliments in a conversation, it is a clear sign that he is expressing and pursuing a personal attraction." (SOURCE: Mars and Venus on a Date, by John Gray, Ph.D. - in bookstores everywhere)


Inspirational Quote of the Week
"Somehow I can't believe there are many heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secret of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four C's. They are Curiosity, Confidence, Courage, and Constancy. And the greatest of these is Confidence. When you believe a thing, believe it all over, implicitly and unquestioningly." - Walt Disney.


Romantic Idea of the Week: Write a Message on a Rose
A novel new romance idea is to present your partner with a rose that has an inscribed message on it! Speaking Roses is a fairly new business venture and romance idea. Speaking Roses engraves a short message onto a rose petal that you can give to the one you love. Since the concept is new and novel, it should make a big impression when you present it to your partner. - (SOURCE: Online Dating Newsletter -


News: TrueBeginnings Changes Name to True
(June 16, 2004 - Online dating and relationship service TrueBeginnings has changed its name to True. TrueBeginnings (located now at is in the midst of a major rebranding campaign as it seeks to compete with other industry giants like eHarmony and

The new True service is also branding a new slogan: "Live. Love. Learn."

"As the only online relationship service to provide high-quality, research-based advice, guidance and commentary on all kinds of relationships -- not just romantic ones -- we feel the name True best represents our broadening mission. We are expanding our reach to help individuals in a variety of new and exciting ways, which we look forward to rolling out in the coming months," said Herb Vest, founder and CEO of True.


Feature Link: Brace Yourself for Online Dating Success
Online Dating Magazine is getting set to open a new section on the subject of self-improvement. As a subscriber to the Online Dating Newsletter, we are giving you an advanced look at our first self-improvement feature before we publicly link to it from Online Dating Magazine.

Brace Yourself For Online Dating Success
by Colleen M. Flanagan

"Adding a photo to your online ad may increase the number of replies you receive, yet many singles don't post pics because they don't like the way they look. Some are embarrassed by the condition of their teeth and think a photo will deter rather than attract potential mates. On dates, these same folks often smile with pursed lips. When laughing, they self-consciously cover their mouth with their hands, not realizing they are bringing more attention to what they hope to hide. Still, the imagined horror of years in braces exceeds the shameful situation in their mouth.

Are you someone who wishes you could flash a Hollywood smile in an online photo or on your next date? Instead of trying to hide your dental woes, why not invest in your health and brace yourself for online dating success?

Misaligned Teeth Contribute to Health Issues
Maybe you have a dental phobia, your parents could not afford orthodontia or you stubbornly refused to wear braces as a teen. Whatever the reason, you and your dentist may be noticing frequent new cavities, reoccurring gum disease, cracked teeth, jaw popping or a cross-bite causing uneven wear on your molars.

Orthodontia is not only about a bright smile, but correctly aligned teeth are imperative to your body's digestion and heart health. Digestion begins in the mouth. If your crooked teeth are not chewing food properly or long enough, your body cannot secrete the digestive juices necessary to absorb the vitamins and minerals from each meal. Even more daunting than poor digestion, a 1997 study presented to the American Association for the Advancement of Science stated that gum disease bacteria may trigger blood clots that can contribute to a heart attack or stroke. Infections in the mouth may wreak havoc elsewhere in the body..."

For the full article, click here.


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