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The New Online Dating Newsletter
Issue #4
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Table of Contents
1. Free Online Dating Service From and IAC
2. Creating a Better Online Dating Profile Header
3. Talking About Your Ex on a Date (Dear Dating Advice)
4. New Boyfriend/Girlfriend Still Has Profile Up (What Would You Do?)
5. Featured Video: Can I Have Your Number?
6. Subscribe

Free Online Dating Service From and IAC
IAC, the company that runs, and a former director of have launched a new free online dating service, called, to corner the growing and lucrativve free online dating marketplace.

IAC (InterActiveCorp) also owns which it launched with a few years ago to compete with online relationship service eHarmony.

Unlike most free online dating services, which look cluttered and disorganized, DownToEarth has an elegant and clean design with a focus on making free online dating more "safe" and "honest". accomplishes this through a system it calls "RealRatings" which allows members to post generic details about their dates and whether their date was honest in his/her profile (i.e. age, photo, etc.).

According to Markus Frind, owner of the popular free online dating service, "DownToEarth is headed up by Jacob Solotaroff, the former Directer of Product Management and Member Integrity at"

At the moment, the business model for appears to be affiliate programs. The company advertises and (as "partners"), but also does affiliate links to other online dating services (like and in order to make money off of people that join those services.

With marketing giants IAC and behind the project, DownToEarth is likely to grow big and do so at a speedy rate. The Online Dating Newsletter will keep you posted on the services success.


Creating a Better Online Dating Profile Header
The majority of online dating services require you to post a profile header message that appears when someone does a search for people in their area. May people use tired and old headers like "I may be the one you're looking for" or "hello". Those will do little to get people to click on you unless you are a model with a hot photo.

The header is one of the most vital aspects of online dating, because it is the second most interest-grabber (next to a photo) that gets people to click on your profile and read more about you. Which one of these would you click on:

"Are You the One?"


"Just Like a New Job, I Offer Excellent Benefits"

The more you stand out (in a good way), the more likely someone is to click on your profile and read more about you. That, in turn, will increase your correspondence rate, as long as you have a good profile too!

So how do you come up with that next brilliant subject header?... (read the full article)


Talking About Your Ex on a Date (Dear Dating Advice)
Dear Dating Advice,

I recently went out on a date with a guy I met online and he spent about a fourth of the time talking about his ex. I must admit that while I liked the guy, listening to him talk about his ex on a first date was quite the turnoff. What does this say about him?

It says that he is still hung up on his ex and you should steer clear of any potential relationship with him. There are certain conversation topics that are taboo on a first date. Those include talking about religion (unless you met on a Christian dating service or have that in common), politics, sex, and ex boyfriends or ex girlfriends... (click here to read the entire answer)


Boyfriend/Girlfriend Doesn't Remove Online Dating Profile (You Make the Call)
You've been actively dating someone you met online for several weeks. You go to the online dating service you met at to remove your profile and see that they are still active ("last login: today") on the service. What do you do? (click here to give your answer).

The best answer every week, as selected by the Online Dating Newsletter team, will win $5, paid via PayPal!

Best Answer From Last Week
Last week's question was:

"You've been communicating with someone who doesn't have a photo posted on their profile. After a few weeks of great communications you are emailed a photo. The person doesn't look anything like you thought and there doesn't seem to be an attraction on your part. What do you do?""

The best answer was submitted by Debbie who said:

"...I think I would still go on the date. I understand there has to be something that attracts you to that person, and you just might find it at your meeting. If after the meeting and I still didn't feel an attraction, I would let them down easy, asking if we could be friends."

Submit your best answer to this week's question and you can win $5 payable via PayPal. Debbie won $5 this week and you can win it next week if your answer is chosen by Online Dating Newsletter as the "best answer".


Featured Video of the Week
Can I Have Your Number?


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