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10 Day eHarmony Free Communication Weekend Begins

(Online Dating Magazine - July 23, 2010) eHarmony, which made popular the free communication weekends that other services copied has now upped the ante by offering 10 days of free communication instead of just a weekend. The unprecidented event is taking place from Friday, July 23 through Monday, August 1, 2010.

In order to take advantage of the 10-day eHarmony free communication event, you need to sign up for an eHarmony account. You will not be required to provide any credit card information and can begin using paid member features immediately. After August 1, 2010 you can decide whether you want to become a paid member or just remain a free member without the paid member benefits.

eHarmony is known as a relationship service because it focuses on long-term success for daters versus just casual dating. People on eHarmony also tend to be more relationship-minded. More than 33,000 people that meet on eHarmony end up getting married every year. Online Dating Magazxine estimates the total number of annual marriages from people who met on an online dating service to be 120,000.

eHarmony's free communication events aren't without some controversy. In the past, the service has not allow people who are not paid members to view photos, even during "free communication" events. This time around, apparently eHarmony has also disabled the "eHarmony Mail" feature. So you can communicate via the multiple choice steps and answers, but you cannot mail the person at the end of eHarmony's process. Some people are likely to try to "hide" an email address in one of the multiple questions as a result.

eHarmony has never done a 10-day free communication event and may set a new standard for other online dating services that started offering "free communication weekends" after eHarmony first launched the concept years ago.

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