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Letter to the Editor:
eHarmony Worst Dating Site

I am applauded (sic) as I recalled years ago as still today on your article about eHarmony. How could you say it is 8.5 out of 10 when so many of us in past few years that we complained or criticize and gave such rating much lower than yours. Maybe because you have not fully experience what we, the readers, have experienced.

I tell you, is the worst dating Website there is. Of course you say it weeds out one-night stands type of people. You left out women who also are seeking for one-night-stands! While that is good for but it is far too strictly controlled and easily can scam people with money. It is very expensive. They will not even honor people who wanted to cancel memberships! No customer service operators as you have experienced since they did not even respond to you since you are part of the media. What does that tell you? They are hurting their own reputation!

Joe, be real with the rating and the negative really pulls down more than 8.5. Ok, why not try this way, 10 negative reasons and for every negative reason, it loses a point. Maybe it is great for some but most people have bad experiences in compared to most sites. is closely behind I know someone who even was a member of and then we became serious, she tried to stop it but for more than four months of battle between her credit card and, she was stuck and let her membership for a year go by by paying for it. That was real dumb of

I am still involved with the singles community and the deaf community. Now, I understand all the way to marriage. That someone I just mentioned is now my wife. We met offline! At a singles dance. I still have friends who are singles and now looking out for them; they ask us if they know anybody to match up. Many do not match but still helping them out. Every once a while I check a new site and tell the owner what he or she thinks. I keep telling singles NOT to enroll in Rarely they do because they want to know why and they tell me they are sorry for it. It is a plain snake oil business since the industry out there knows singles are willing to do anything to get that mate they desire thanks to the influence of the community out there and Hollywood standards.

Like wedding and honeymoon businesses really push sales to engaged couples, works the same way just to the singles. Nice idea to match up with those questionnaires but realistically by today standards, most members online prefer to see that photograph and full descriptions themselves, not by a staff or by a computer matching. I met my wife offline after a real bad experience or two that are related long distance and one through online. I did not have someone to do a computer math to find my wife. I found her myself by meeting her first. That is what people online prefer. That is what I am trying to help people to find someone at good sites or if they want to, just locally, offline.

It will be hard to get to go out of business since they will still do snake oil business scam to the singles. Thank you for listening to my criticism.
~ Mark Falso

Editor's Response: Mark, thank you for sharing your comments. We know you as a loyal reader as you have posted reviews and sent us emails in the past and we appreciate you sharing your comments for our readers.

People have different experiences with different sites. In the case of reader submitted reviews, you are always more likely to hear negative experiences over positive ones. hired an independent research firm to determine how many marriages there are as a result of people using their service. The answer? 90 marriages a day! Could you imagine if we received reviews from all of those people? Obviously, is doing something right.

But isn't for everyone and results will vary. That's why we allow readers to also share their experiences with In my case, my experiences with have always been great. I've met several outstanding women and am steadily dating someone now that I met on For me, the service worked great and that's why it received a good review from me.

However, that doesn't mean I think is a perfect service. The company definitely has some customer service issues and we will always fight for consumers to resolve those. We have several recommendations for people dissatisfied with customer service, including filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau where the company must respond to you. Out of all the complaints we receive about online dating services, is the second most. Number one, by far, is and that's not anything for to be proud of.

There are several things can do to improve. In the Online Dating Industry Journal, I recently took to task for they way they conduct their so-called "Free Communication Weekend". How beneficial is this "free weekend" when they don't allow you to view the photo of the person you are communicating with unless you pay? They also disable the instant communication feature, forcing you to go through a process that they know will take longer than a weekend. is not a perfect dating service, which is why they only received a score from us that is between average and great. If the company would solve its customer service issues (particularly related to member communications) and some of the service issues we mentioned in our review, then they would receive a better score than what we gave.

In the end, we urge readers to read everything they can on an online dating service before joining. This means our review, reader reviews, letters, and studies. And remember, is a relationship service that is for more serious people, which is why we believe they have the highest member to marriage success ratio in the industry.

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