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Online Dating Step by Step

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Online Dating: Step by Step

Online Dating Magazine presents the 5 steps to online dating success.

Step 1: Select a reputable online dating service. Are there a lot of users on the service? Have any of your friends or family used it? Have you seen commercials or ads for it?

Step 2: Create a stunning profile with a recent solo picture of you smiling. Be positive in your profile, tell the truth, and avoid cliches.

Step 3: Send messages to local people who interest you. Show that you read the person’s profile by mentioning something from it. Stay positive and avoid politics, religion, and bad news.

Step 4: Get to know the person. After a couple of weeks, suggest (if they haven’t first) that you meet in person. Coffee shops make good first meeting spots.

Warning: If someone asks you for money via an online dating service, cease communication immediately and report them to the service. Anyone who asks for money through an online dating site is a scammer.

Step 5: Time for the first date! Make sure someone knows where you are and who you are with. To make an impression, talk less about yourself and ask questions about your date.

Be sure to read through the person’s profile again along with all of your communications. This will help you know what to talk about.

Being nervous is natural. Don’t sweat it.

These are, of course, abbreviated steps in order to fit them in the infographic. Use the search feature of Online Dating Magazine for in-depth articles and tips. Thank you for taking the time to share this infographic with others:




Joe Tracy

Joe Tracy is the publisher and founder of Online Dating Magazine, which launched in July 2003 and has been providing original dating advice, tips, articles, reviews, and videos to readers ever since.

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    This infographic provides five steps for online dating success…

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