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Welcome to Online Dating Magazine, an Internet publication dedicated to in-depth coverage of the online dating services industry and dating tips for online daters.

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Online Dating Magazine is now updated every single day of the year. Get the latest updates by selecting from the below list of the 25 most recent updates:

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Have your questions answered by Dr. James Houran in Office Hours with Dr. Jim or get the latest Editorial opinions on issues important to online daters. Learn to Connect with others while checking out insights from Jennifer's Gems. Most columns are updated weekly:
» Office Hours with Dr. Jim (every Monday)
» Dating with Disabilities (every Tuesday)
» Jennifer's Gems (every Wednesday)
» Date & Relate (every Thursday)
» Dating Tips Advice Column (every Friday)
» Dating Triumphs and Tragedies (every Sunday)
» Editorials (monthly)
» Inside the Online Dating Industry (monthly)
» all columns
» Retired Columns: Connect, A Better You , Savvy , Dating From the Inside Out

Reader Opinions
Our readers are a savvy bunch with great opinions to share, whether through reviews, experiences, or letters to the editor. Here are three areas specifically for reader commentary and insight. Why not submit yours today?
» Letters to the Editor
» Reader Experiences
» Reader Reviews

Dating Services
The list of matchmaking services and sites grows every day. Here's an "easy access" list, including monthly fees charged and links to reviews, if available... (more)

Online Dating Industry
The Online Dating Industry Guide is an excellent place to learn more about the industry and to gain insight into running your own service. It includes executive bios, history of services, links to major industry news, interviews, and research articles... (more)

Quick Tip Articles
Need some good first date ideas? How about some profile tips for your profile? Access these quick tip articles for great dating tips, dating advice, and knowledge to improve the impressions you make on others...(more)

Top 10 Lists
Find out the top 10 annoyances of internet dating services. These top 10 lists are not only fun to read, but you may find some great dating tips in the process...(more)

What has your internet dating experience been like? Read the experiences of others then submit your own. What better way to learn the ins and outs of dating online?...(more)

What are the pros and cons to each matchmaking service? And which services rank better than the others? Online Dating Magazine provides unbiased reviews...(more)

STD Information Center
The STD Information Center keeps you up to date on the latest STD news, research, and facts (herpes | hpv | hiv | syphilis | chlamydia | gonorrhea | trichomonas | scabies | public lice | bacterial vaginosis). Plus there are prevention tips and a toll free number for STD advice...(more)

Online Dating Magazine has launched the Online Dating Newsletter with tips, reviews, techniques, creative date ideas, and relationship advice. The newsletter is delivered weekly, via email, free of charge. Your email address will never be provided or sold to any third party. To be added, visit the Online Dating Newsletter Website (click here) then click the Subscribe button and follow the directions. To read the Online Dating Newsletter archives, click here.

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