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Dating with Disabilities
by Melissa Blake

More Love Theme Songs

Remember when we discussed love theme songs last week? Did you get to thinking about your own? We all have our own theme song, don't we? I know, I know. It's not something you'd readily admit to having or throw it out in the conversation at party, though honestly, I think I would).

So what's my theme song? For those who know me, it's obvious. It's about loving someone, probably from afar, and getting this close to telling them how you feel and then BANG! Something stops you, and you're just left with, well, a whole heck of a lot of frustration.

With that, enjoy Part II and the other half of my Top 10 Love Theme Songs (including one I recently had to scratch off the list…):


It’s Over” (Boz Scaggs)
Key lyrics: Why can’t you just get it through your head?/It’s over, it’s over now

A song for anyone who has ever had trouble, well, getting it through their head and realizing something has been over for quite awhile; all the while, you’re the last one to realize said ending. Oh, and if you need a laugh after reading these depressing lyrics, just picture this: Me, sitting alone in my room singing this at the top of my lungs. If you want proof, just ask my sister.

"Fields of Gold" (Sting)

Key lyrics: Will you stay with me, will you be my love/Among the fields of barley/We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky/As we lie in the fields of gold

It’s probably really unconventional, but I’ve loved this song since I first heard it when I was 12. I always thought it would make the perfect wedding song (the first-dance song, not the walking-down-the-aisle song; I’ll stay conventional for the aisle part). But don’t you think this would be a really romantic song to slow dance to?

"(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight" (Cutting Crew)

Key lyrics: Is there any just cause for feeling like this?/On the surface I'm a name on a list/I try to be discreet, but then blow it again/I've lost and found, it's my final mistake/She's loving by proxy, no give and all take/'cos I've been thrilled to fantasy one too many times

Just change the female pronouns to masculine ones, and this one is pretty obvious, isn’t it? Just picture me, trying ever-so-subtly to be cool, calm and discreet, and not five minutes later, I say or do something incredibly awkward. Sometimes both simultaneously.

Hey Stephen” (Taylor Swift)
Key lyrics: Hey Stephen, I know looks can be deceiving/But I know I saw a light in you/And as we walked we were talking/I didn't say half the things I wanted to
I always said that had this song come out in, oh, 1998, I would have died right on the spot. Big reveal: Crush Boy’s name is Stephen. Back then, I never said all the things I wanted to. Flashforward to 2009. I said everything. It didn’t end so well. Live and learn, right?

And now, for the part I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: What song got axed from my list?

The lowdown: I had a long day of shopping a few months ago (something I've been doing a bit too much lately, actually. Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone!), and while getting a haircut, I couldn’t help but smile when one of my many theme songs came on over the sounds of blow dryers and snipping scissors. I'm one of those people who love to sit there while the stylist works her magic and listen to the radio.

Anyway, what song should come on? The ever-classic "Dangerous" by Roxette. I've loved this song for awhile and thought it captured me perfectly: I'm a rebel, a bit mysterious, a bit dangerous. I'm that girl no man can quite figure out (my disability helps pretty well with that), and that's a good thing because it makes them want to get to know her even more. I like to be subtle, you know, keep them guessing. Frankly, I like to keep everyone guessing.

Well, I thought it was the perfect song for me until I really listened to the lyrics today. Here's the chorus for those unfamiliar with it (I'd personally sing it to you, but I'm not tech savvy yet. Someday....)

Hold on tight
You know she's a little bit dangerous
She's got what it takes to make ends meet
The eyes of a lover that hit like heat
You know she's a little bit dangerous

Now, that whole 'she's got what it takes to make ends meet,' always made me think the woman in the song was the type I'd always wanted to be: strong, independent, no-nonsense. She can take care of herself. But when I listened to the song in its entirety, I now have doubts. Could my love theme song be an anthem to prostitution? Am I trying to be a lady of the streets instead of a strong lady of Wall Street? This scared me, frankly, because I don't swing that way. Shocking news: I am not a prostitute.

So I'm thinking I need a new long theme song to replace it. What do you suggest? In fact, I think everyone should a special song that speaks to them. What's yours? I'd love to hear it. Just make sure you listen more closely than I did. HAHAHA!!


Dating with Disabilities is published every Tuesday by Online Dating Magazine columnist Melissa Blake. Melissa is a freelance writer and columnist. Her work has been featured in Redbook, Pregnancy magazine and the Chicago Tribune. She can be reached at

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