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Dating with Disabilities
by Melissa Blake

Christmas Love

(December 22, 2009) Pop quiz: What's in THREE short days? No, not your anniversary. No, not your girlfriend's birthday. No, not the big football game with your frat buddies.

Christmas, my friend, Christmas. You know, that lovely holiday full of white, red and green goodness, twinkling lights and stealing romantic kisses under the mistletoe. It can be hard to know what to get that special woman in your life. But have no fear...I'm here (as usual) to rescue you from yet another Christmas where all you get is a sack of coal and a look of sheer cold from your sweetie.

I'm sure these fabulous gifts will melt your loved one's heart.


Your heart
To know that we always belong together. It’s all we want, really. Throw a little honesty into the gift, and we’ll probably become putty in your soft hands.

A festive holiday costume
You, dressed in a skimpy, cute Elf costume. YES, curled-toe boots are required to complete the ensemble. And don’t be offended when we laugh; we’re probably laughing because we think it’s cute.

A chick flick marathon with you in front of the fireplace
I’ll even let you pick the dinner. And besides, you know you secretly love watching Julia Roberts chasing after her best friend – or away from Richard Gere. And who can resist the adorable John Cusack in that classic scene in Say Anything? I know I can’t!

A star named after me
No, this is not some sort of scam. You can actually have a star named after someone. And just think…that star will probably be glowing in the sky for all of eternity, and every time I look up into the Heavens, I can think of you! And you can think of me every time too…isn’t that just perfect?

Our first child
I’m talking about a kitten or puppy here. You can stop hyperventilating now. Although, our own pet would be a good test-run of sorts, wouldn’t it? We can see how good we’ll be as parents together. Ooops, am I scaring you? Sorry. I didn’t mean to.

Dance lessons together
Now, I’m quite exactly sure how the whole dancing-lessons thing would pan out seeing as, well, my wheelchair might limit what we can do, but we can at least give it a try, right? Nothing says sensual and exotic quite like the Tango. And the best part? We could modify it, so it’s our special dance. It’s a win-win, if you ask me.

An all-night conversation, just like the old days
It seems so glamorous in the movie. A man and woman get to know each other’s deepest secrets during an all-night conversation. I picture us eating French fries, sipping root beer and saying lots of “me too’s” as we learn all the things we have in common. It’ll be so pure, so romantic, so magical. I can just picture it now. And of course, you’ll make me laugh the entire time.

An original song written for me
Every woman gets weak in the knees for a sweet, sensitive musician. Trust me. So get out that guitar, take one look at me and get ready to be inspired like never before.

A snowball fight
There’s something so fun about feeling like a child again, running out into the snow and getting covered in it.

Waking up to your smiling face on Christmas morning
It's the one thing we want to see first. And it’s the last thing we want to see at night before we fall asleep, still smiling from that afternoon-long snowball fight, which you lost, sadly.


Dating with Disabilities is published every Tuesday by Online Dating Magazine columnist Melissa Blake. Melissa is a freelance writer and columnist. Her work has been featured in Redbook, Pregnancy magazine and the Chicago Tribune. She can be reached at

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