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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Weird Online Dating Sites

It’s time again to update you on some new online dating sites, especially the weird ones.  Hey, there’s something for everyone out there, isn’t there?

Here’s my favorite: 

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, turned to your left and think, wow, he’s a hottie?  Yeah, me too.  Especially when I was living in Los Angeles.  I was always in traffic and when I was, would see attractive guys and think, “Why don’t I ever meet those guys?”  Well, MotoDate is just for that.  This sounds bizarre, and it kind of is, but members of this site receive a four-digit sticker to put on their car, and if someone finds them attractive while driving along, all they have to do is remember that four-digit code, then go online, type in that code, and send them a note.  Bizarre, right?  But I know that we have all been there.  I know that once in all of our lives we have been driving and couldn’t help but look at the other person in the next car.  I am not sure how popular this site is, but it is out there, and if you are one of those people who constantly finds yourself looking over your shoulder to see who is in the next car, then this might be the dating website for you.


Are you a fan of the Twilight series or True Blood?  Or are you a Vampire yourself?  Dare I ask?  Well has mates in store for both of you.  It matches those in search of love with vampires with vampires.  It dubs itself as the best Human Vampire Dating Site.  You may not find Edward Cullen, but you may find his kind.

Second Life
If you’re really and I mean REALLY, into online dating, you could try Second Life, which is a 3-D virtual environment. They say that the “avatars they wear and the environments they build tell more about them than their online dating profiles.”  It’s a Sci-Fi game where people can play and chat at the same time.  You learn about other people while playing the game.  If the internet is for you, this could be it too.

Tall Friends
Now, I have height issues, being 5’9 and all, but this website deals with a whole ‘nother height issue. is this website and is for people to meet other tall singles.  The sections of the website include:  “Enlarge Circle of Tall Friends by 10 Times,” “Largest Tall Forums,” “Largest Tall Blogs,” “Online Tall Chat,” and “Daily Tall News.”  Maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad about being tall anymore.

Daily Diapers
I think that the strangest site I found was Daily Diapers.  It is an online dating site for people who wear diapers.  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t worn a diaper since I was a little tyke.  These adults, however, do.  The main page features men and women adorning diapers, very seductively.  And, good news!  The site is free to join!  If this is your thing, go for it, but, I advise, beware of what you’re getting into.

(Editor's Note: Our editorial policy forbids us from linking to sites that have adult content. After reviewing the Daily Diapers site mention by the author, we decided it was inapproriate to link to).

If I were to start a dating website, it would be called,  Because, deep down, I do believe that dating is normal.  It’s hard, yes, but people have been dating for a long time, so deep down, I do believe that it’s normal.  Rarely do people find the first person they are going to date.  Sometimes, for the lucky few, it happens, and that’s great.  But for the rest of us, it’s a lot of trial and error, but that’s what dating is. 

Getting to know different people and learning about what you want in a partner.  Whether you meet him in traffic or a vampire website is up to you.  The important thing is that you just try to meet people.  That is the way that you will find what you are looking for—that important person in your life who one day, you may share the rest of your life with.  It may not happen right away, I cannot say that it will, but by getting yourself out there and just trying to meet people, you will find yourself exposed to a whole new world of dating.  I can tell you, honestly, that I have been on a lot of bad dates.  But I’ve been on a lot of good dates too.  Maybe they didn’t work out in the long run, but they were good at the time and I learned about what I want and need.  You can too.  And you probably don’t need an adult-diaper website to prove that.  Just do your best, put yourself out there and have fun.  Chances are, you will.


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