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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

I was recently having a talk with my grandmother, about some of my past dates and how they weren’t going well, and she told me that there were a lot of fish in the sea, and that one day, I would find the right fish.  Why can’t I find the right fish now?  Why can’t I just go fishing and reel in the best catch ever?  Fishing is hard!

But all that fishing talk reminded me of a guy I recently dated who kissed like a fish.  It was unbearable, especially when he told me, “I like kissing you,” and I had to suffer through it even more.  Then after every five seconds, he’d pull back and say, “hi.”  What does that mean?  He knew I was there, why was he saying “hi?”  Was he just checking in on me, making sure I wasn’t leaving?  I sure wanted to.  He was a bad catch, and it was back into the boat for me, looking for the next catch.


I’ve experienced a lot of different fish in my dating experiences, and some have been good catches for a while, some have been bad catches.  I once dated the “shark,” who was pretty aggressive in his dating styles.  He had a mission and was on the attack.  I couldn’t escape him and it was hard to break things off.  He was the guy I couldn’t get rid of, who wanted a relationship so badly, he’d do anything for it.  Like a shark, he was on the hunt for his prey, and apparently, I was it.  But a shark wasn’t the fish I was looking for, and I had to spear that shark instead of letting him down easy.  I just had to say “no,” it’s over.  And the shark eventually moved on to his next unsuspecting date, maybe one who liked his tactics.  I’m just glad I didn’t stick around to find out.  You know, I never did like “Jaws.”

Then there was the “Dolphin.”  Sweet, gentle, and funny.  Dolphins can be funny.  You ever see them put on those shows?  Dolphins are creative creatures and so was this guy.  I had fun with him and thought I could stay with him for a while.  He made me feel comfortable, no matter what we were doing.  But sometimes, dolphins swim away and do their own thing, and as much as I didn’t like it, I had to release this dolphin back into the sea.  It was hard, but I knew that it was nice while it lasted, and he would make another lady very happy.

I once dated a “Swordfish.”  He had two sides to him.  A Swordfish has a smooth body, but then they have that sword on them, so where do they stand—gentle, or a fighter?  With this guy, I could never tell.  Sometimes he was sweet and kind, and then all of a sudden he’d be moody and disagreeable, putting that sword in front of him and keeping me at a distance.  As we dated longer, I realized that his sword was out more, and that I didn’t want to be having sword fights.  I couldn’t deal with a double-sided relationship, and so it had to end.  Though I still think Swordfish is yummy.

The “Manatee” was probably my favorite dating experience.  He was cute, cuddly and a sweetheart.   Simply loveable.  We could talk about anything and he was always there for me.  I still think of him fondly, even though things didn’t end so well.  In the end, he became kind of aloof and went his own way, just as manatees sometimes do.  But while we were dating, he was nothing but kind.  Maybe that’s why so many people “adopt” manatees.  They are beautiful creatures, and so was he.

In a way, men are like fish, and maybe that’s why they say there are plenty of fish in the sea.  But the problem is that there are so many fish, it can take a while to find the right one.  Sometimes you need to date a lot of fish before you know what you’re looking for and how you can catch the right one.  So the best thing to do is get out there and do a lot of fishing.  You might meet a shark or two, but you’ll learn from that, and next time, you’ll know how to avoid that.  Then, you might meet a dolphin, and maybe that’s the right fish for you, or a tuna.  Who knows?  Just remember, when fishing, don’t get overwhelmed.  Yes, there are a lot of fish in the sea, but there is a special one out there for you, and eventually, you will find him.  So cast away!


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