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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Songs for Love and
Songs for the Broken Hearted

Music plays a role in everyone’s life, whether you are in your car driving to work, at a restaurant or bar, or just at your house.  Even when you don’t know it, music may be on in the background.  Some people can hear a song and it will bring them back to a time in their life and it captures that moment for them. 

Music can be powerful, so what does it mean when it’s associated with love? 

Well, a lot.


Take a look at weddings for example—there is a wedding song that the couple dances to, a mother/son dance, a father/daughter dance, and then dancing all night long!  Then there are the couples dating who have “their” song.  Perhaps it is a song they heard one night when they realized they were in love, or maybe it was just a first date, but now whenever they hear it, then grin goofily at each other and say, “Aww, honey, it’s our song.”  Ok, maybe not goofily, but sometimes.  People can associate relationships and love with music, however, just opposite from that, they can associate breakups with music.  Sometimes, certain songs can help them move on from a breakup.  Me?  I’m partial to depressing songs, but even on a good day, I like some melancholy ones.  All hail the brooding singer songwriter!

Whether you are so in love, or so hurt from a relationship, there is probably a song you have in mind that you may sing at the top of your lungs, or just lay in bed and listen to.  If not, here are some you may want to consider:

For the love birds:

  1. Whitney Houston- “I Will Always Love You”:  A Classic, right folks?  What more can be said?  But this is not for the second date; this is for the daters who are in it to win it.

  2. John Mayer- “Your Body is a Wonderland”:  Hmm…maybe he wooed you with this one?  It’s a very, uh, sensual, song.  He doesn’t just love you—he loves every part of you.  Kudos to you.

  3. Bon Jovi- “Thank You (For Loving)”: Okay, I put this one in because it was my sister’s wedding song.  “Thank you for loving me,” blah blah blah.  Something like that, you get the gist.   It’s sweet, it’s romantic…but hey, if you think about…weird.  It’s like when someone says, “I love you,” and the other person says, “Thank you.”  Ha! Yowza.  I don’t think that’s what was meant, but if you read into it to much…well…just don’t.

  4. Sonny & Cher- “I Got You Babe”: Oh come on, it’s a classic.  Some couple out there is cheesily singing it to one another right now.  Hey, I’m singing it to myself at this very moment.  Yup, babe.

  5. Marvin Gaye-“Let’s Get it On”: Okay, I know we did a little sexy song with Mayer, but come on…this is Marvin Gaye, and this is quite the legendary lurve song.  Couples can have fun with this song.  Whatever fun means.

For the broken-hearted:

  1. Gloria Gaynor- “I Will Survive”:  Yes you will!  Okay, I picked this because I once won a karaoke contest singing it.  No joke.  But in all seriousness, if you have been scorned by a bad relationship and don’t want to dwell on it, pop in this song, dance around and sing it, baby.  Sure, it took all the strength you had not to fall apart, and you kept trying hard to mend the pieces of your broken heart, but do not feel sorry for yourself.  That’s what Ms. Gaynor says.  She grew strong, folks, and learned how to carry on, and so can you!

  2. Alannis Morisette- “You Oughta Know”:  Are you angry about your breakup? Rock on!  Be mad.  This is the perfect angry song that you can blast in your car and be pissed.  He doesn’t deserve you anyway.

  3. Righteous Brothers- “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”:  So it was sad, huh?  I feel your pain.  Breakups can be sad.  This is a curl up in bed with tissues kind of song.  But don’t listen to it on repeat for a month and never leave the house.  You need to get over him sometime.  Maybe once, or twice.  Otherwise, every time you hear it, it’ll remind you of what you once had.  And you don’t want to start crying every time you hear it in public.

  4. Jewel- “You Were Meant For Me”: And I was meant for you?  Is that what you think?  Probably.  Still trying to reconnect with him, telling him how great your relationship was and why you belong together, yet he wants nothing to do with you.  That’s a toughie, because it happens so often.  And it is a good song.  These breakups are hard, because one person is still so invested.  It takes a while to recover from these, so music does help.  I think here, you have to go through a pattern of songs to move on.  Maybe from this one, #4, to #3, then get angry at #2, and then, #1, because you will survive!

  5. Dolly Parton- “Jolene”:  Dare I go here?  Yes, I am.  Because it happens.  Another girl steps into the picture and takes your man, and you plead with her not to.  You know you’re better for him, he probably knows that too, but something about her was enticing, and he pulled the big cheat.  Yet you want him back.  He is your man.  This is a matter of your heart and what you think is best.  I can’t control your heart…I can just give you a song to sing.

Whether broken-hearted or full of love, there are plenty of songs to fill your ears that will remind you of what love means, or no longer means.  Perhaps you already have your own personal collection.  Music can be a powerful healing tool and also something that brings couples together.  Either way, just don’t profess your love or sadness at karaoke night.  Let’s not go overboard, folks.


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