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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Know Your Date Before You Know Them
Google Your Date and Other Tips

I recently went on a date with a great guy, who we will call “David.”  In the modern dating world, it is normal to Google people.  I did it, he did it.  The only thing with me, however, is that he had a little more insight into my world, for example, this column.  Yikes. 

At first he wasn’t sure if we were meeting for a date, or just for some insight for my next column, but I assured him I wouldn’t do that and this was the real deal.  It became a joke and once we got to talk, we realized about how much information you could find out about someone on the Internet.  Forget Google, folks, there is a whole new world out there, and it is called: Facebook.

Yes, that’s right.  How many of you have a facebook account?  Think about it.  What type of information do you have on your facebook wall that you do, or don’t want people to see?  Sure, it’s fine if they are your friends and you put ridiculous things up there…but what about a stranger?  What about a guy you are about to date that sees it and wonders, “Is her favorite hobby really nose-picking?”


You’ve gotta be careful these days.  After considering this, I took a look at my profile to see if there was anything dangerous.  Sure, there were funny or stupid comments from my friends that most people other than us would not get.  There were a plethora of pictures, some embarrassing, like the one of my cousin and I with straws in our teeth pretending we were walruses.  The other pictures opened up a whole new chapter into my life.  Pictures of my sister’s wedding…meet the fam!

Then I looked at my interests, and yes, one of my favorite shows is “Charmed,” and even though I have seen them all, I still watch the reruns.  I totally got called out on that one, but hey, it’s a great show.  My cousin sends me somewhat odd bumper stickers that now I feel I have to screen before I accept them.  Then there are my “Causes.”  I support a lot of causes that revolve around certain events in my life that I have been through, so people who don’t know me and see that will already know my background.  I am an open book before someone even meets me.

On the plus side, this is good.  Because, when I met David, we sat down to talk and he did know about some of the things I had been through.  It created an open conversation and was a relief, because I didn’t have to worry about any baggage, it was already in the open.  We spent a long time talking and he opened up to me as well.  It was one of the best conversations I had in a long time.

Oh wait, but look.  My friend posted a picture of the fish from the McDonalds “Filet-o-Fish” commercial.  You know, “Give me back that filet-o-fish, give me that fish…” I think it’s hysterical.  Maybe some think it is weird, but it cracks me up every time I see it.  I hope that didn’t scare him off.

In my “Groups,” yes, being a Yankees fan, I’ll admit, I belong to “Mike Mussina for Life” group, but he was my favorite pitcher.  This David was supposed to be a Yankees fan, but…okay, I won’t go there.  Though one of my favorites mentioned is “Hot Chocolate” and he did tell me about a great place for frozen hot chocolate.  Bonus points there, David.

The point is, maybe I have a lot of crap on my Facebook page to indulge others, or myself but I kind of enjoy it.  Maybe he did too.  Maybe in general, it helps people to get an idea of the person they are meeting before they are meeting them.  It could be a good thing.  On the flip, they could end up reading something that scares them, and then not want to meet at all.  I am not saying to censor your Facebook page just because you are worried about who may see it.  It’s a form of freedom of expression, and I say, like Madonna, express yourself! Hey, Hey.  But in the vast world of the Internet now, Internet dating is not the only way to find out about a person.  Yes, there is Google, MySpace, Facebook…and I hear about this new Twitter thing now.  People can find out about others easily.  Maybe it’s helpful.  I mean, you are meeting a stranger, really, for the first time.  Of course you want to know more about them.  Just remember not to put in your hobbies:  “going on dates with dudes so I can write articles about them.”

Disclaimer:  I had no intention of writing about “David” when I first met him, but he gave permission once he enlightened me about Facebook.  Thanks, Davey.


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