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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Be My Valentine
Valentine's Day - February 14

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday….wait, something’s not right there.  Sunday, Monday…hmm?  Oh, I see, I forgot Thursday.  Why is that?  What could Thursday be?  February 14th.  Oh!  It’s Valentine’s Day!  Silly me.  I knew there was “something” this week.  I’m sure there are a lot of you out there who forget this lil’ holiday too, or at least try to.  There are those of you who revel in it, adore it, and the one you’re with.  Which is great.  No matter how you who choose to spend this day, just remember the importance of it, and try not to dread it.  No, you don’t need to dress in all pink or red, but there’s no need to dress in black and tell passerby that it’s “Singles Awareness Day!”  Come on, people.  Give yourselves some credit.


If you’re with someone, then uh-oh, it could be a daunting day.  But it’s not, really.  People make Valentine’s Day out to be a bigger deal than it should be—both males and females do.  Mostly, it should be about spending time with your significant other.  You know, your Valentine.  It shouldn’t be about elaborate gifts or “does she or doesn’t she want chocolate?” or what restaurant to go to.  It’s just another day, and if you want to make it a date night, then go for it, and just add some cute things in to make it special.  Remember how fun it was to get those little Valentines back in Elementary school?  Those are so much cuter than some cheesy card professing how much in love, or in like, you are with someone.  Have fun with it.  No need to dwell on the details.  Just let things happen as they do, and enjoy spending time with the one you are with.  That’s all that matters, really.

If you’re single, and do feel the desire to put on the black clothing, then jazz it up a little and head out with your other single pals.  It could be a great night to meet someone.  Chances are, there are some single guys (who are moping about their coupled-up friends) who will be out on the town, so it could be a fun way to find some interesting people.  And you know you already share something in common with them—you’re both single, you don’t like Valentine’s Day, and you dig the color black.  By next Valentine’s Day…you’ll be out in your pink heels.

If you’re not with someone at the moment, and not looking to be, then be your own Valentine.  Treat yourself.  Now, I’m not saying order yourself two dozen roses and have them sent to your office from a “Secret Admirer,” then gush to your co-workers about who it could be.  Only to go home and remember that there is no secret admirer.  That’s just no fun, and not worth the effort.  What I mean is, give yourself something nice.  It’s a day about love, so show yourself some love.  Hey now, get your mind out of the gutter.  I’m saying—yeah, go by that box of chocolates you’ve been eyeing, grab a movie, and kick back after work with a glass of wine and a sweet chocolate truffle to enjoy in the luxuries of being single.  Or if that’s not you’re idea of fun and you need a little more stimulation, then go for it.  Get that mani/pedi just because you feel like it.  Just enjoy the little moments, the quiet and sweet moments, where you don’t have any obligations to anyone but yourself.  Relax and take pleasure in these things.  You’re worth it.

As for me…I guess I couldn’t leave you hanging.  Believe it or not, I used to think that I had the “Valentine’s Day Curse.”  When I was fourteen, my friend and I were meeting a couple of guys at the mall.  But, they were a no-show.  I liked one of them (so did she), but we were just meeting up as buddies, and half-joked that we had been stood up.  We were more upset that they never called, because they were, after all, friends.  Well, they did show up later, as the mall was closing, and it ended up that they had a flat tire.  It was the truth.  Then they asked if we wanted to go IHOP with them for pancakes, and we declined.  Her Mom was picking us up.  They were older, so they could do that stuff, like drive around and go for pancakes.  The point is, after that, I thought I was cursed to never have a good Valentine’s Day after that one.  So I’ve never really given the day much thought.  But really, the holiday is a nice thought.

This year though, I don’t fit into the first category, but I’m not sure if I’m in category 2 or 3.  Things can change so quickly, and you never know just whom you might meet.  That Cupid has a funny way of working, especially on February 14th.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

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