Survey Shows What to Wear on Summer Date

(July 8, 2011) has completed a major survey of its users that discover what people do and don’t like when it comes to what their date wears for a summer date. The results?

Hawaiian shirts on men – out.
Polo shirts and khakis on men – in.

Women prefer their date to wear a polo shirt and khakis (or shorts) during the summer. And they definitely don’t want to see their date in “skinny jeans”.

And how do males feel about what women should wear on a date?

Big sun glasses – out.
Braided hair – in.

Men also like it when women wear either white pants or a short skirt on a date.

Other interesting findings:

– Women shouldn’t wear a thong bikini to a beach or pool date.
– Men should never wear speedos period – date or no date.
– Men should keep their shirt on – even if they have nice abs.
– Women prefer Aviator sunglasses to visors on men.

Top 3 highest percentage findings:

– 93% of women said men should wear a polo shirt and khakis on a date.
– 91% of women said men should not wear speedos.
– 84% of women say men wearing visors on a date is a turn off.

On a different subject matter, the survey also found that while meeting for coffee is a popular date idea for the winter, the preference for summer, by far, is drinks on a patio.


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