February is Online Dating Safety Awareness Month

(February 1, 2012) February is one of the biggest months for people using online dating services. It’s also Online Dating Safety Awareness Month, a program launched last year by Online Dating Magazine to help educate singles and online daters about safety.

When it comes to online dating safety there are three main areas of safeguard:

1) Money.

2) Love.

3) Well-being.

Did you know that online daters fall prey to romance scams to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars each year? This month, Online Dating Magazine will be exploring how some of these romance scams work and how victims end up heart-broken and poor… and that includes victims who aren’t normally¬†susceptible¬†to scams.

Well-being applies to your physical and mental health. One of the worst things you can do is get involved with a person who ends up being either verbally or physically abusive. During Online Dating Safety Awareness Month, Online Dating Magazine will explore how to spot red flags and avoid abusive relationships.

If you run an online dating Website or service, Online Dating Magazine can supply you with some support material for Online Dating Safety Awareness month. Just send your request to jtracy@onlinedatingmagazine.com.

Coming up on Thursday, February 2: Romance Scams.

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