Inspectors Check Out Online Daters in Person

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Would you subject yourself to an in-person inspection before being allowed to go on a date with someone? If WeGoLook has its way, the answer is yes. The company has launched a new service where they go meet your potential date, take photos of them, and verify who they are then report back to you. WeGoLook calls itself a “third party verification service” with more than 10,000 agents throughout the United States.

For $59, the company will dispatch an investigator to meet your date in person. They will examine the person’s state issued identity card to verify identity, then take 10 photos of the person. They will also ask the person any additional questions you may have and gauge the responses. The inspector then puts together a report on the inspection for you so that you can decide if you want to proceed with meeting that person (that is, considering the person still wants to meet you after being subjected to such an inspection).

For $59, the company will dispatch an investigator to meet your date in person. Click To Tweet

The company offers inspection services for other things too, like autos, property, etc. in which you are contemplating a purchase. By offering date inspections, the company believes it can help online daters avoid potential scams, especially when it comes to long distance relationships.

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