Celebrities and Online Dating – Separating Truth from Rumor

(May 14, 2012) There are a number of stories online about various celebrities trying online dating to find true love. Some are reported by major media, others by gossip sites, and still others by online dating services. Unfortunately many times these sources get it wrong.  For example, do you know which two of these celebrities have tried online dating and which two haven’t?

1. Ricki Lake
2. Joan Rivers
3. Chace Crawford
4. Jessica Simpson

Media and celebrity sites have reported that all four have used online dating services, when in fact only two have.

So who has and who hasn’t?

Ricki Lake – Yes
Ricki Lake talks about her online dating experiences in her new book titled, “Never Say Never: Finding a Life that Fits.” She’s also talked about it to Newsweek and on video (see video at the end of the page here.) Overall, she thinks online dating is a great way to meet people and she loved doing it even though she’s had a few bad experiences.

Chace Crawford – No
It was widely reported a few years ago by some major news media sites and celebrity sites that Chace Crawford (of Gossip Girl fame) had profiles up on JDate.com. Many sites still make that claim. The truth is that Chace Crawford has never tried JDate.com or any other online dating service and he’s puzzled at how the rumor became “fact” on so many sites. He’s never had a problem meeting women to date.

Jessica Simpson – No
In 2009 it was widely reported that after a break-up, Jessica Simpson had turned to online dating to find love. It turns out that the story was just a rumor. While Jessica Simpson says she thinks online dating is a good way for people to meet, she has never tried it herself.

Joan Rivers – Yes
Joan Rivers is a shining example that you are never too old to do online dating. Rivers hasn’t been shy about publicly talking about her online dating experiences she had with Match.com. From her own lips:


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