Unveils New Logo and Slogan

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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #e96a2a;”] O [/dropcap]nline dating service today unveiled a new logo and slogan as the company prepares to unleash a new ad campaign aimed at lighting a fire under the feet of baby boomers. The new slogan was revealed as “Come on baby, light my fire”. The accompanying logo is shown directly below:

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This is the new logo and slogan
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Online Dating Magazine contacted to learn more about why they went with such a busy design. We interviewed receptionist Amy Lighters who said:

“I’m not allowed to give any quotes to the media,” said Amy Lighters. “Only our official spokesperson can talk to the media and he is on a ski trip right now after the late March snowstorms. Oh, wait, I’ve got a call on the other line.” is one of the largest online dating services in the world, making hundreds of millions of dollars a year from people looking for matches.

“Their matches are great,” said user iamastudguy. “I love all the matches I’ve received from them. Some of them are really hot!”

Online Dating Magazine tried to get more information from Amy Lighters about the logo, but she said she had to go because it was almost time for her lunch break. When asked what she thought of the new design, she said “goodbye”. Our interpretation of that was, “so many people find matches with us now that we are loosing people left and right to successful relationships.”

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