User Passwords Stolen

eHarmony Hacked
(June 6, 2012) Online relationship service has confirmed that 1.5 million accounts have been compromised after a hacker was able to access passwords for those accounts.

eHarmony says that it has reset the passwords of the 1.5 million accounts affected by the security breach. In addition, the service has emailed those whose accounts were compromised with information on how to update and change passwords. eHarmony says that the 1.5 affected accounts represent only a “small fraction” of the company’s user base.

The passwords were posted to a Russian Website earlier today just before millions of LinkedIn passwords were posted to the same site. It is believed that the same hacker is responsible for both attacks. In the case of LinkedIn, 6.5 million passwords were stolen and publicly posted.

eHarmony posted a comment about the hack to their Website, but have not returned many media inquiries regarding the hack.  There is speculation that the password list could be bigger and that the hacker only posted ones on the Web that he/she needed help to crack.

If you have an eHarmony account, you may want to consider changing your password, even if eHarmony hasn’t emailed you about the attack.

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