Are You Related to Your Date? New App Tells You


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[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #e96a2a;”] A [/dropcap] company in Iceland has developed a special dating app that lets you know if you’re related to the person you’re dating. Called the “ÍslendingaApp SES”, you simply open the app and “bump” your date’s cellphone and if you’re too closely related then it sets off warning sounds and shows you the relation (i.e. “first cousin”). That’s a red flag to immediately end the relationship before it progresses to an intimate stage.

Dating App in Iceland Lets You Know if You're Related

For years, the government of Iceland has had a blood registry (called the “Book of Icelanders”) that allows people to find out if they are too closely related with the person they are seeing. But getting that information required a lot of typing and searching on a desktop computer. That gave App company SES (Sad Engineer Studios) an idea – find an easy way for people, out on a date or about to engage in intimacy, to find out if they are related. You simply bump your phone with your date’s phone and it instantly lets you know if it’s OK to proceed. The App is currently available for Android phones only on Google Play. The slogan for the app is “bump the app before you bump in bed.”

In addition, the App allows you to easily remember the birthdays of your relatives. So if you find out you’re related to that person you’re dating, you will be able to forever remember their birthday to send them a family greeting.

Some reviews of the app show disappointment that it wasn’t on the market sooner.

“If I had this app earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have gone home with my Aunt,” said one reviewer on Google Play.

The App is only available for Icelanders and requires that you have an Icelandic ID number.

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