Siren Dating App Shuts Down – Blames Investor

The Siren dating app, which gave all the power of mobile dating to women, has shut down after it said a key investor failed to honor their commitment.

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On April 4, 2017, a post to the Siren blog stated, in part:

“At the beginning of 2016, we closed our round with a lead investor whose mission was to support female-centric companies and who saw the potential in Siren’s clear differentiation in a saturated market. Yet, as of this writing, a full calendar year later, they have not completed their obligation. Instead, we received small, unpredictable amounts, with the other investors courageously stepping forward. Through the dedication of these committed individuals we were able to continue development, however we could never plan beyond a few months, hindering growth, milestones, and new funding opportunities.”

Siren was formed by Susie Lee and Katrina Hess as an alternative to Tinder. The duo vowed to “fight the swipe” because of how it reduces people to “objects.” The app allowed women to view profiles of men, but limited the amount of information men could see on the profiles of women. Women had the power to determine how much of their information would be shared to men browsing on the app and when their pictures would be revealed. The aim of the service was to stop the “hot or not” picture mentality and try to focus on people getting to know each other better before dating.

The Siren dating app would use creative and fun questions of the day to get conversations started with members. Women could view the responses men gave to the question of the day and determine how much more information (i.e. picture) that person could see about her. The app showed promise in changing the “dialogue” of online dating from visual to verbal.

In 2015, Siren won “Best App of the Year” award at the Geekwire Awards. But that, along with a TEDx talk and massive media coverage wasn’t enough to save the app which had 38,000 registered users.

Here is the TEDx talk given by Susan Lee in 2015:

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    Dating app Siren, which empowered women in online dating, has closed after running out of money.

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