New Online Dating Comedy Coming to TV – A to Z

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Wallflower Online Dating - NBC A to Z Comedy ShowA new online dating comedy is coming to TV this Fall. Called A to Z, the show isn’t your normal online dating comedy. Instead it is about a single guy named Andrew who works for an online dating service (called Wallflower Online Dating) and loves matching other people. The new comedy stars Ben Feldman (of Mad Men fame) and Cristin Milioti (from How I Met Your Mother). The series tracks the unusual relationship the two form after meeting over an error on the online dating service which employs Andrew.

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Andrew, as NBC describes it, is a secret romantic who helps match other people, via the Wallflower Online Dating service, but is hoping to find that special match for himself. He believes she will be something like a girl he spotted two years ago in a shimmering silver dress.

Meanwhile, Zelda grew up with a hippie mom and, not wanting that same lifestyle, became a no-nonsense lawyer who loves online dating because of the control it gives her.

Zelda loves online dating because of the control it gives her. Click To Tweet

A to Z tells their whole story. How they were before they met, how they met, how they fell in love, and how they try not to let their differences define their relationship.

The series will air on Thursday beginning sometime in September, 2014. The director is Michael Patrick Jann (Community, Suburgatory). Warner Bros. Television and Le Train Train are the studios behind the show.

Here is the official trailer for A to Z

A to Z Online Dating Trailer


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