29% of Brits Have Run From an Online Date

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29% of Brits have run away from an online dateA study of Brits, commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support, has resulted in some interesting statistics when it comes to the subject of online dating.

Study results include:

> 29% of Brits admit to having run away from a bad online date.
> 9 out of 10 Brits believe that online dating is much more acceptable than three years ago.
> 84% of Brits do not believe that online dating is the best way to meet a long term partner.
> By a 3-1 margin, Brits trust a Facebook profile more than an online dating profile.
> 20% of Brits have gotten drunk on an online date they thought was going bad.
> 9% of Brits have faked an emergency on an online dated gone bad.

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Macmillan used the research to garnish publicity for it’s new social media fundraising initiative called My Mate Your Date. My Mate Your Date raises funds for cancer support by people pledging money for every date their friends help set the up with on Facebook. According to Macmillan, 69% of Brits would be happy to receive date suggestions from friends on Facebook.

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Macmillan Cancer Support is a charity that helps those with cancer take back control of their lives.

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