MTV Casting Dark Online Dating Show – Online Double Life

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MTV Casting Online Double LifeMTV is casting for a new online dating show that reveals the darker side of online dating.

The working (not actual) title of MTV’s newest dating series is, “Online Double Life” and it is a show about people coming clean about the lies they’ve been telling online. For example, a girl may post a picture from a few years ago when she was 60 pounds lighter but hasn’t told anyone she’s communicating with that she doesn’t look like that anymore. MTV’s new show will bring that revelation to reality.

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On its casting page for Online Double Life, MTV asks:

“Are you in a long distance relationship with someone you’ve never actually met in person? Have you been holding something back from them…or have a secret you need to tell them?

Are you using a fake profile on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Plenty of Fish or some other site? Has someone fallen for your online alter-ego?…If any of these scenarios sound like you or someone you know, we want to help you share your story and support you along the way!”

You can download an application for the show here (2013 editor’s note: link has been removed as the show is no longer casting). The show doesn’t care if your online relationship is heterosexual, gay, or lesbian. They want to explore all dating avenues as long as there is a secret to reveal.

MTV wants to explore all dating avenues as long as there is a secret to reveal. Click To Tweet

Here is a video further exploring the casting of MTV’s Online Double Life:

(2014 editor’s note: MTV removed the original video. We have replaced it with a different one on the same topic. Note: this show is no longer casting).

Online Double Life Casting


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  1. myaka on July 31, 2012 at 4:37 am

    I have to speak out here as a female over 50 and joined all the dating sites I come to this conclusion that there are two types of guys.Weirdo’s only looking for sex with as many woman as they can,and snobs who are so rude you only want to slap them after 2 years wasting time,money and emotion on guys that don’t deserve it I am done.It’s a big scam and women need to know this it’s not their fault they cannot find love online.

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