Dr. Neil Warren Finds Love on Match.com

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of eHarmony.com, has found his new love at Match.com.

“It’s a Match,” said Warren. “I could tell immediately when I saw Olga that her and I would be matched on 27.3 of 29 dimensions.”

Warren says that he used Match.com because it doesn’t limit the age range of the people you search for and it shows pictures up front.

“She’s a lovely woman and right now I’m getting ready to pay for her to get a Visa so that she can come and visit me. Bless her heart, her mom was sick and I was able to help pay for the hospital expenses. Now it’s time for us to finally meet in person.”

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Warren says that even though he’s pleased with finding his match, he’s still upset at Match.com.

“When Olga first messaged me, she gave me her email address so that we could communicate via email instead of through Match.com. Within three days I knew it was love and I requested that my account be cancelled. However, Match.com still charged me the following month!”

Olga gave me her email so that we could communicate that way instead of through Match.com. Click To Tweet

Warren says that Olga professed her love for him almost immediately via email and that he returned the sentiments. While he’s had to help her out financially with some emergencies, he is looking forward to a long life together with her.

When asked what affect him finding love at Match.com would have on eHarmony.com, Warren said that it didn’t matter because he had cashed out his 10 million shares of eHarmony to help with Olga’s expenses.

Match.com said they are happy for Warren and glad they could play Matchmaker in helping find him someone with Chemistry that he could Date.

“There are Plenty of Fish in the sea,” said Match.com’s CEO, Thomas Enraght-Moony, “and Yahoo!… Personals do work.”

(Originally Published April 1, 2008)


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