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by Jennifer Brown Banks

What's Your "Blue Book Value" in the Dating Marketplace?

Men sure do love their cars!

Wouldn't you agree?

Let's face it ladies: many fellas are so fond of their four wheels that they devote more time, money, and maintenance to their rides than the chicks they ride in them with.

It's this rather unusual relationship paradox that contributed to the makings of this column.

But, let's rewind to one of the other contributing factors to today's piece as well, shall we...?

Some time ago, I was chatting with one of my gal pals who was sharing with me the lack of appreciation she felt from her man for her many accomplishments and efforts.

After all, she's college degreed, owns her own home, hails her own cabs, and rarely has a “bad hair day.” Yet, he seems to be rather nonchalant about it.

But, here's the problem...
(And you can take this to the bank!)

Men don't judge women the way that women often judge women.

I repeat---men don't judge women the way women judge women. 

It's a classic case of men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

Here's a case in point. My friend “Bertha” was frustrated and felt foolish recently after sitting in the beauty shop for several hours on end, getting her hair all dolled up, and shelling out nearly a hundred bucks for it, and her boyfriend didn't even notice the difference!
Trust me when I tell you, another female would have noticed it. : -)

So, here's the moral of the story: what men view as a “commodity” when it comes to dating and mating might surprise you. They value different traits and experiences than we do.

Just like cars, women come in different categories and rankings. Could you be compared to a “luxury ride”, a moderate model, or a jalopy?

Read on and find out by taking this fun inventory analysis...

Start by checking the box of all the qualities and tendencies that apply to you in the following categories:



____ I can cook fairly well

____ I'm considered attractive

____ I'm reliable (keep my word and can be counted on to do what I say when I say it)

____ I'm a good house keeper

____ I have a good sense of humor

____ Own my own home

____ Have a good job

____ Have a college degree

____ Am low maintenance (i.e. am not demanding in terms of where I go on a date, do not expect a guy to finance nail and hair appts., pay my bills, I can go with the flow)

____ Have 1 or fewer kids

____ Little to no relationship drama from exes

____ Am resilient (can weather the storms of life without falling apart)

____ Have a good heart

____ Am a good listener and supportive

____ Know when to be strong and when to be soft (willing to compromise)

____ Have good self esteem

____ Am not prudish when it comes to display of affections

____ Considered intelligent and well rounded



____ Don't own home, but own car

____ Don't have college degree, but have some college

____ Can't cook, but willing to learn

____ Have 2 kids

____ Good house keeper

____ Not bitter or carrying grudge from former relationship

____ Attractive

____ Reliable most the time (prone to be forgetful some times)

____ Independent

____ Have a decent job, looking for better

____ Am not prudish when it comes to affections

____ Good listener

____ Good sense of humor

____ Have a good heart

____ Have self-esteem issues, but like myself for the most part



____ I don't work, don't intend to (that's a man's role)

____ Live with others or in an apartment

____ Have more than 2 kids with behavioral issues

____ Do not cook or clean (who am I, your mother?)

____ My life could be on an episode of Jerry Springer or Maury Povich

____ Am not into appearance (it's the personality that matters). Love me or leave me.

____ I speak my mind all the time, even at the risk of other's feelings.

____ Have a history of stalking

____ Do not have outside interests other than eating, sleeping, and breathing



Add the number of boxes checked in each category.

If you had more boxes checked in CATEGORY “A” you would be considered a LUXURY MODEL if you were a car. Men would view you as a Mercedes, Porsche, or B.M.W. and you would have great value on the current dating market.

More boxes checked in Category “B”? You would be considered a moderate model, desirable, yet not necessarily deemed top of the line.

If you had more qualities in “Category C”, chances are somebody would have buyers' remorse and might take measures to sue you under current “Lemon Laws” in your state!


Jennifer's Gems is a weekly column written by award-winning poet and writer, Jennifer Brown Banks. It is published every Wednesday. Click here to read her welcome letter.

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