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by Jennifer Brown Banks

Crazy People Make Me Crazy

We interrupt your regular “programming” for this important message:

Crazy people are becoming an epidemic. 

Stay tuned for details in a future column for additional coverage.

I’ve concluded that crazy people are a necessary evil... much like childproof caps on over the counter medicine, speed limits, and tax levies. I’m not talkin’ about the “certifiable” kind of crazy.  I’m talking about your garden variety, educated, otherwise functional folks that are simply irrational and clueless.


Their purpose? 

To bring us closer to God and make us stronger.  After all, adversity builds character we’re told.  Right?

Here’s my problem;  I’m afraid that for the year of 2008 I’ve already reached my crazy quota, and it’s not even mid-year yet! 

Pray for me y’all.

These individuals who are “cuckoo for cocoa puffs” range from the young and unenlightened, to the old-and-ought-to-know-better.

Don’t get me wrong---we all have a degree of crazy to us (myself included), but some people carry it in their dominant rather than recessive genes.

So let me put it this way-- if God had a direct number he’d been on my speed dial on my phone, or definitely in my “fave five” for cell phone usage!

It’s getting that serious this year.

What really has me reeling is that crazy folks are truly exhausting.  They cause you to question yourself and indulge in all kinds of endless brainteasers…  Am I crazy, or is it you? Did she really say that, or was it my imagination?

Here are some examples: people with misplaced anger, dimwits that owe you money but get mad when you happen to bring it up in casual conversation, people who lie and don’t figure that you’re bright enough to see beyond their alibis, folks who think the world is conspiring against them, or owe them something, men who believe that relationships can operate on “auto pilot”, people who hold others to different rules and standards than they hold themselves, “haters”, and a slew of other offenders that space limitations will not allow me to expose.

And here’s the clincher. These folks who are not “operating on all cylinders”, are typically oblivious to their condition!  Whatever the situation, it’s always somebody else’s fault.  Whether it’s a job loss, a relationship ended, a misunderstanding, or financial woes.

To be perfectly honest, on some levels they theoretically shouldn’t bother me.  Why? In many ways, I’m a “live and let live” kind of gal. Really.  But the more I interact with them, the more I’m convinced that they may keep me from entering the “pearly gates” on judgment day.  

And though I’ve never been a follower, to quote the spiritual song, “Oh Lord I want to be in that number when the saints go marching in!”

So my goal in 2008 has been to take the proverbial “high road.”  But so far I’ve had a lot of detours!  Remember back in former years there was a popular expression and a slew of accessories with W.W.J.D.?  For the unenlightened folks it stands for “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?”

Well, I find myself asking that question quite often now.  And even though I’m no religious scholar, most times I’m pretty sure that it definitely wouldn’t be the things I have had in mind!

So I’m left with a few strategies: prayer, chocolate, writing, and spirits—in that order.

To make matters worse, I’m at a loss for words to rectify the situation. Although I make a pretty good living knowing how to use words to exact the perfect effect, I can’t quite come up with the right euphemism to call someone a “plum fool” without causing ego damage, bodily harm, or severed relationships. 

And let’s face it--- a lot of crazy folks are otherwise very nice people. Wouldn’t you agree?  Think about the ones that are likely to be a part of your family or social circle. :-) (I see you smiling.)

For the record, crazy people are not to be confused with “toxic people”; there is a difference.  Toxic people are usually more sinister and more plaguing. Toxic people often have hidden agendas, self-esteem issues, abrasive personalities, gossiping tendencies, and other shortcomings.  Whereas crazy people simply lack logic and the ability to connect the dots.

Get the difference?

But I must confess that these menaces to my mental well-being are giving me quite a spiritual work out!  Still, I remain steadfast in becoming stronger and embracing the divine lessons they impart.

‘Cause as the expression goes,  “no pain, no gain!”


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Jennifer's Gems is a weekly column written by award-winning poet and writer, Jennifer Brown Banks. It is published every Wednesday. Click here to read her welcome letter.

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