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Online Dating Experience 20
Women Just Looking for Free Dates

53 year old male from the United States

Well, the absurdity exists for men too! I am a decent guy, fairly good looking, and I have written to many women who I found interesting, and somewhat attractive, but not drop dead gorgeous. Most have responded as not interested... so what are they looking for???

Other women that I've emailed, spoke on the phone with and dated have been 20 years older than their picture, angry baggage carriers, wackos or slobs. I mean when a guy's apartment is cleaner than his date's there's something going on!

I've spent almost $1000 on 8 dates, (never have they offered to split the bill) been a perfect gentleman and never even been given a chance by women who said "it's what's on the inside that counts."

"I'm not a designer label girl" she says as she gets into her 2005 BMW and scratches her Louie bag. I think it is just a convenient mechanism for women to shop, and get FREE stuff... what they do best!!!

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