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Ask Miss Lora

Dating the Mail Lady and
Photographing Models and Dating

Dear Miss Lora:
 I really like your videos and thought you could help me with some advice.  Here’s the whole story...
there’s this girl (Linda) who works at a store where I go and pick up my mail. We’ve been talking for a while and she seems like a lot of fun.  A couple of weeks ago, her co-worker Cathy was there by herself and I told her I was thinking about asking Linda out.  Cathy said she’d talk to Linda and find out what she thought about the idea. Well, I guess I beat her to the punch because I went in last week and asked Linda if her friend Cathy had spoken with her, she said no. So I confessed and said I was hoping she would talk to her about me cause I wanted to ask her to a movie or something.

She said with a smile, "Really."

It sounded like she might be interested but that she would be out of town for the weekend and to get back with her next week. She has given me her e-mail address so I could add her to my MySpace website. Strange thing is she has not accepted yet. Did I do something wrong? What should I do next? I’m actually kinda afraid to go and get mail this week because I might say something wrong and turn her off.  Any help would be great. ~ Steve


Dear Steve:
Honey, you did everything just right.  First of all, you asked her out.  It is amazing how many young men these days don't believe in the concept of dating.  They’ll say “Oh I just like to hang out with girls” and Miss Lora has to wonder just how many opportunities to “hang out” with girls that they get – probably not many.

Because girls like to feel special and to have a guy think about her long enough to even come up with the idea of a date means a lot.  Then getting up the courage to ask her gives you double points.  We girls have come a long way in appreciating how hard it is to ask because we’ve tried it at least a time or two ourselves and it’s mortifying!  But no matter how much more compassionate we may have become, we also don’t like to give away just how excited we are when we accept.

So she said to get back with her next week. And that's what you'll do.  Meanwhile, go on in and get your mail and just be cool about it.  Casually say "Hi" to her, give her a compliment if you can (“you look great today” - is a good one) and don't have a long conversation with her.  Just say "I'll be talking to you next week", give her a little smile and skidaddle out the door.  It'll keep your air of mystery and let her know that you'll be following up.  Let me know how it goes! ~ Hugs, Miss Lora

Dear Miss Lora: 
I have a question that you can help me with: I'm a full-time engineer and a part-time fashion photographer. I have a real passion for my photography and feel that I have helped launch a few models’ careers with my shots. The question is, as a woman, would you find it intimidating if your date is a fashion photographer where he's around "pretty girls" (not to mention lingerie models) on a relatively constant basis? Would that be something you'd rather not know about or discover later on? Thanks for your videos... I watched every one of them and had a great laugh!  ~ Peter

Dear Peter:  
Well thank you for your compliments and I'm glad the videos made your day. To answer your question,  Miss Lora actually dated a man who was a fashion photographer and I certainly wanted to know up front what he did for a living and where he was when he was doing it.  Now you'd think that his photographing models would be intimidating to a woman such as myself but he was a very smart man.  He reminded me constantly that these girls looked very different without their makeup and hair and clothes and that his camera was "helping" a great deal to make them look as good as they did (well, that and an unbelievable amount of Photoshop corrections as you can see in that Dove commercial).  Now whether any of this was true, Miss Lora did not care.  She just appreciated the reassurances and I'm sure any woman lucky enough to have you will too.  So let her know, Peter! 
~ Hugs, Miss Lora

Editor's Note: To see Miss Lora's "Southern Guide to Internet Dating" videos, click here (Videos are titled "Internet Dating Tips")

Miss Lora is the creator of the popular online video series, The Southern Guide to Internet Dating that can be found here (titled Internet Dating Tips), on YouTube, and on her Website, Her Ask Miss Lora column appears every Saturday in Online Dating Magazine. You can email your questions to her via

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