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by Jennifer Brown Banks

If You Want to "Score" With Women, Be a Good Sport!

Fellows pay attention. This is for you. Think of it as a public service message. Or better yet, think of me as a coach going over game strategies for a big win in a major game!

If you’ve been striking out with women, it may be because you’re following the wrong playbook! Wanna’ score more? Then be a good sport!

It recently dawned on me, that in my many years of writing on relationships, that my “Venus vocabulary” might still leave some guys clueless as to what they’re doing wrong. So, here for the first time in print, I’ll break it down like a fraction reduced to its simplest terms.


I don’t know a lot about sports (other than the names of the cute players), but I do know a lot about what makes a man a winner in the romance arena. Today, you’ll discover the secrets too, in your own language! So let’s get you in love’s major league with these lessons!

If you wanna score with women, here are some basics:

» Success in romance works similarly to that in sports. Winning in both is determined by your approach, your strategy, your skill level, and how much effort you put into the game.

» “Unnecessary roughness” carries a penalty. Whether it’s harsh words, or clumsy caresses. And so do other offenses like forgetting to acknowledge her birthday, major holidays, and relationship milestones.

» Have a good mental attitude! Be in it to win it!

» Know that repeated poor performance might cause you to be benched or traded.

» Don’t expect to hit a home run every time you’re up to bat! Momentum matters.

» Play nice. Use kind words like “please” and “thank you”.

» Understand the rules before entering the game. They sometimes differ depending on who’s playing.

» Always size up the competition. What makes you more valuable?

» Be receptive to being taught some new moves.

» Stay true to your affiliation; don’t be a switch hitter.

» To prevent accidents or injury, remember to wear your protective gear!

» When things become overwhelming, or you’re confused about your next move, take a timeout and evaluate before throwing in the towel.

» Play to your strengths.

» Keep private matters confidential. Only “rookies” boast through locker room bravado.

» Before changing owners, make sure you’re getting a better deal!

» Let her know that she’s your most important “fan.”

» Don’t keep score. Love is give and take.

Additional Tips
Here are some smooth moves from suitors of my past that are also worth mentioning, to further illustrate the above points. Though they are no longer “in the game”, these guys definitely qualify as “most valuable players” as a result of these winning gestures.

“PAUL” took my mom out for a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant for her birthday. His motives? To score brownie points, to get to know her better to know me better, and to put a smile on my face. And it worked!

“JOE” picked me up from a stressful day at work one evening, and much to my surprise, had gone grocery shopping and bought me two weeks worth of groceries to save me some time, money, and effort! It was one of the kindest, creative things I’d ever had done for me.

“JIMMY” used to give me full reign and complete comfortability of his beautiful bachelor’s pad when we dated. This included raiding his refrigerator, answering his phone, and having my own personal drawer to keep my stuff in between visits.

Hopefully I’ve “hit home” with some of things I’ve shared with you. Armed with these strategies and principles, your performance record, ranking, and self-confidence are bound to improve!

The Final Lesson and the Big Payoff
Ultimately, in the game of love, if things don’t work out, and your contract is not renewed according to your desires, don’t be a sore loser! Dust yourself off and get back in the game. Remember, practice makes perfect! There's a winner in you!

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Jennifer's Gems is a weekly column written by award-winning poet and writer, Jennifer Brown Banks. It is published every Wednesday. Click here to read her welcome letter.

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