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by Jennifer Brown Banks

Rave Reviews:
A Look at the Best Relationship Books

Online Dating Magazine provides great articles and insight for singles seeking to enhance their relationships and improve quality of life. In the same vein, I ‘d like to share with you a few titles that I’ve found very helpful to aid your understanding of gender differences, overcome communication obstacles, and make quality connections. Many of these books can be purchased online. Or for the “cash conscious,” picked up at your local library.

So whether you enjoy sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of herbal tea, or cuddling up under the covers, read, be inspired… and empowered!

Here are my recommnedations:

He's Just Not That Into You
by Greg Behrendt

Featured on Oprah and numerous other talk shows, and written by Sex and the City writers, this page-turner gives the real 4-1-1 on how to gauge a man’s romantic interest. Are you being a fool to wait by the phone for his call? Is he really too busy to see you? You’ll be able to decipher his double-talk within these pages! Pick up a copy and read what all the buzz is about!

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
By John Gray, Ph.D.

Contrary to what some may have originally been led to believe, men are not from the Twilight Zone; they are from “Mars”! Gender differences are explored and expounded upon, in this guide for improving communication and resolving conflict between the sexes. Based on years of counseling, it deals with the biological, psychological, and value-oriented differences between guys and girls A great read for both men and women.

When in Doubt, Check Him Out
by Joseph J. Culligan L.P.I.

Successful dating today requires that one have a little “healthy paranoia.”

A sad reality of the times we live in, is that not every knight in shining armor is worthy of riding off into the sunset with! Caution is crucial.

Could your new love interest possibly be married? Does he have a criminal background or history of abuse? Is he a dead-beat dad? Here’s how to find out. This survival guide for today’s single will assist you in doing some detective work on your own that could ultimately save your life.

In The Meantime
by Iyanla Vanzant

This best-selling author and motivational speaker does it again! In this volume, she uses the analogy of preparing one’s self for true love to mental housekeeping. It deals with the many self-defining issues women should address, and the soul-searching needed to attract and maintain healthy, enduring relationships.

Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know
by Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D.


First of all, I purchased this gem new at the thrift store for .50, which already gave it tremendous value! But beyond that, I am a big fan of this author’s work, and have several of her self-help books in my collection. This volume was different. In it she doesn’t talk to you in a clinical manner. She comes across as a girlfriend-- sharing wit, insight, and useful strategies for becoming better acquainted with the men in your life. Chapters include: The 6 biggest mistakes women make with men, secrets about men and sex, men’s top 20 sexual turn-offs, and becoming the powerful woman you were meant to be. Get it and prepare to be educated!

Never Satisfied - Why Men Cheat
by Michael Baisden

A reformed ladies’ man gives the real deal on why some men choose to spread their love around. It provides a no-nonsense look at men and their opportunistic behavior in dealing with the opposite sex. Engaging and candid, I give it “two thumbs up” for entertainment value!

Smart Women, Foolish Choices
by Dr. Cowan and Dr. Kinder

For women who seem to be successful, savvy, sweet, but unlucky in love. This provocative book shows you how to confront and change your hidden, love-defeating attitudes and stereotypes, the difference between “love” and “longing” and more.

How to Catch and Keep the Man of Your Dreams
by Bonita L. Bennett

More sage advice from the publisher and editor of Being Single Magazine. This instructional guide deals with the spiritual principles of finding the “right one,” the psychology behind male/female interactions, and the importance of balance in the single person’s life. You may have to search for it as the book is out of print.

Living in the Winner's Circle
by LaMont Jones, Jr.

No matter where you are spiritually, this book will meet you there and take you to the next level! An inspirational title so deep and moving that I cried reading the first few chapters. A quick read as well, the book is divided into 4 engaging chapters (Love & Relationships), (Change & Introspection), (The Nitty Gritty), and (Living in abundance) and contains 101 compelling messages. Beautifully illustrated (by Henry Jones).

The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship
by Dr. Judy Kuriansky

This is a fabulous, fun-filled read, that covers a myriad of issues faced by today’s couples. It contains a bunch of introspective quizzes, surveys, and useful suggestions to help you click with the right partner.

What's keeping your nose between the pages? Drop me a line to share books worth a look! Email me at

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Jennifer's Gems is a weekly column written by award-winning poet and writer, Jennifer Brown Banks. It is published every Wednesday. Click here to read her welcome letter.

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