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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

All I Want for Christmas...

Is it just me, or has anyone else ever asked Santa for a significant other for Christmas?

No? Just me?

Okay, moving on.

Needless to say, my Christmas wish never showed up in my stocking, under the tree, or in my bed, but I still believe in Santa. I just believe that he knows what’s best for me. I mean, after all, he knows if I’ve been bad or good, so he’s gotta know when it’s time to send me Mr. Right. I don’t think it’s this year, so I didn’t ask Santa for him. I asked for an iPod instead. You’re my guy, Claus, don’t let me down.


Anyway, it’s so easy to wish for things this magical time of year. And why not? Everything about this season seems to spew love more than the traditional lovey-themed Valentine’s Day. For instance, mistletoe. Stand under some weeds and give me a big wet one. Who invented that? Wait, who did invent that?

I did my research folks, and first of all, did you know that mistletoe is a parasitic plant? Gross. Someone has set us all up! They want parasite to fall on young couples in love as they smooch away! It has been a long-standing tradition to hang a mistletoe at Christmastime and should a couple find themselves underneath it, they should kiss. This stems from the Scandinavian belief that the mistletoe is associated with their goddess of Love, Frigga, and so the tradition began. Whether or not they like each other, doesn’t matter so much. There they stand, there they kiss. Awkward at family events, but fine at parties that have served much alcohol ahead of time.

Speaking of alcohol, there is the fact that people tend to drink a lot more around the holidays. They may be at a festive party with friends, at a dreaded family gathering and getting intoxicated to avoid interaction, at a bar celebrating after work, or drinking alone watching “It’s A Wonderful Life” while yelling at the tv screen: “No, it isn’t!” Yes, alcohol plays a significant role in dating during the holiday season, or at least “romantic” endeavors. From hot toddies to peppermint liqueur and spiked eggnog, tis’ the season to get loaded and bloated. Just be careful of who is around you when you do it. When you’re at the copier the Monday after the big Christmas party, you might be wondering why Mike the copy boy tells you to saddle up on the fax machine, but everyone else in the office will giggle and recall how well you rode the cash register at the bar. Classy.

But aside from parasitic make-out plants and raunchy drunk bar scenes, the holidays are a romantic time. After all, one of its main colors is Red—the color of Love. And there are things you can do, besides drink away the winter blues, which can spark a romance or rekindle an existing love. Whether it is staying inside on a cold stay with your other half, watching Christmas movies and drinking hot cocoa, or decorating the tree together. Even after you know you’ve gone overboard with decorations on the tree, mantle, and shelves—keep going. You’re having fun together, and after all, how often do you get to decorate with little Santas and Snowmen everywhere?

If you’re unattached, get out there…anywhere! It’s not only the most happiest time of the year…it’s the busiest time of the year! Future significant others will be everywhere. They will be out shopping for gifts, shopping for trees, and grocery shopping. Or, they’ll be so sick of shopping, that they’ll be at the coffee shop to just sit back and relax for a few minutes. So go there, anywhere, and see who you can find. Because you know that you should be running all of these errands too, so you never know who you might meet in the process.

Yes, the holidays can be hectic and draining but they are generally lovely and fun and happy. Whether or not you have a significant other is not important. You are bound to meet amazing people wherever you go and whatever you are doing. Even if you are stuck at a work or family party that you’d rather not be at — kick back, have some eggnog, and take it all in. Hey, there’s bound to be at least someone to make fun of the next day.

And if you wake up Christmas morning and you didn’t get the he or she you asked Santa for, give the big guy a break. He’s busy, and maybe this year it wasn’t your turn. Maybe there was someone else who was just a little more deserving or needed that extra something in their stocking more than you this year. But sit tight. A new year is on its way, and Santa is making his list. So be kind of good, and when I talk to him…I’ll put in the good word for you.

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