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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Engaged in Engagements

Sure, I joke with my sister’s fiancé and ask him, “are you sure you know what you’re getting into?” But of course I’m kidding. Because, after his all, his gain means… I’m getting rid of her. Just kidding.

Anyway, apparently, I’m not the only one who makes comments like that to him. He recently told me that while talking to random strangers, it has come out that he is engaged.

“When is the wedding?” they ask.

“October,” he tells them.


“Oh, you have plenty of time to change your mind,” they respond.

He’s shocked, every time—because yes, it’s happened on several occasions.

Not that my Mr. Sister is one to take things too seriously, but a) it’s not like these people are his best friends, and b) this is his wedding they’re talking about. Shouldn’t it be “congratulations?” Not, “You’ll change your mind five more times before you hit the altar!” When did the mention of marriage receive such negative connotations that even strangers can’t be happy for you?

Sure, your evil cousin that’s always hated you since you dated Steve from Plant Science even though you knew she had a crush on him, secretly wants the union to fail, but come on, at least strangers should be happy for you.

I told him that he should have said, “You know what, you’re right. Thanks, I think I have changed my mind. I should break it off.” Then see what they say. I mean, seriously, they could have at least given him a fake smile. I’m practicing mine now…for the wedding. Again, just kidding.

It is funny to see everyone’s different reactions to the engagement. Honestly, we kind of all knew it was coming. They had been together for a bit. But it’s still nine, nonetheless, and everyone is of course, bursting with excitement. As the plans are made, one by one, everyone wants to be filled in, and as some arrangements are still left blank, they remain brimming with curiosity at what the outcome might be.

What is the wedding song?

Where will you live?

What color are the dresses?

Where will you live?

How are you going to do your hair?

Where will you live?

What did you say your color scheme was again? Oh you haven’t picked one?

And where will you live?

Yes, so many important questions. It makes me wonder about weddings, and if they are really for the couple, or the guests? Because it seems like first, the ceremony, is a nice show for the crowd. They smile, they cry, they laugh, they cheer—it’s like a movie. There’s even background music. Then there’s the second part, the reception, or rather, the big party that you’re throwing for them. They mingle with other guests, be it their family, friends, or once they’re drunk enough, their new friends. Oh, and they drink. A lot. They have dinner. They drink. They tell you what a cute couple you are and that they always knew you would make it. Don’t you remember when they told you that? They drink some more. Then the DJ plays some crappy music and they hit the dance floor…then fall on it.

Then the lovely couple is exhausted after throwing the biggest party ever for their family and friends, and barely has the energy to make it up to their wedding suite.

I told her to elope…but no one listens to me.

See, when it comes to weddings, everyone has their own idea of how it should be done, which is why you should just do it your own way, and not tell anyone about the details until you are ready. Which is exactly what they are doing.

So for some people, the meeting leads to dating and the dating leads to a relationship and the relationship leads to matrimony. And the matrimony leads to the sister of the bride writing a column about it. And the only time that I would ever tell her to change her mind…is if she picks out an ugly dress for me. Think back to when you were single, big sister. We’re a lonely breed out here. You’re going to stand out in white—everyone’s going to notice you. She always got all the attention.

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