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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Location, Location, Location

So I recently made the big move. Okay, the big move was from Hollywood to West Los Angeles, but in LA terms, that’s far. And as I was talking to my friend last night, in terms of the dating scene, that’s a big deal. Because of the traffic, when you are any sort of “distance” in LA, people consider you off-the-market when it comes to dating. No one wants to drive that far, especially if it means being stuck in the masses of cars. So it wasn’t like I was moving from one part of LA to another, it was like I was moving from Canada to Texas. Fantastic.

Though that could be a good thing, I thought. After all, it wasn’t like I was having a whole lot of luck in Hollywood. Maybe the change of location could do me some good. So once I settled into the new living situation, I decided to see if a change of location really did mean a new breed of men to date, and here is what I found:


The Neighborhood:
The general area has more of a residential feel to it, which is actually nice and a bit more refreshing than the craziness of Hollywood. I’ve actually found that when I go for a walk, people are more inclined to say hi to you, which is better for meeting people, especially whereas in Hollywood, it was more touristy, and people there were more likely to be dressed as Spiderman and trying to get you to check out the latest attraction. The bonus here—most people have dogs, so walking Jeff, my friend’s dog, helps with meeting guys as well. In Hollywood, it was a struggle for one person to get down the sidewalk alone. Here, it’s a bit calmer. I’ve already met one old British guy who told me I was cute, in an original way. I think I’m starting to get the hint that I should be about 50 years older.

The Grocery Store:
I don’t have to park on the roof anymore! Enough said! Parking lots are great! Oh…we’re talking about dating. So here’s a little downside—I have noticed it to be more families and couples, but if there’s an upside to that, families and couples always have single friends that they are trying to set up. So hanging out at the grocery store could be a good prospect, so that the next time they see their single friend, they’ll say, “Hey, what about that girl we always see at the grocery store?”

The Gym:
Again, a bit more mellow, and also, smaller. It’s more relaxed, which is nicer, and I’ve already found that people are more inclined to strike up conversation. And while most of the time I like to get in, do my thing, and get out, I’m beginning to not be so afraid of who might be lurking behind that elliptical machine. Especially because here, I’ve noticed that there aren’t as many crazy old men named Maurice. Just crazy younger men named Maurice, which I can deal with.

The Farmer’s Market:
Los Angeles has a plethora of Farmer’s Markets, which I love, and each has their own vibe. While my friend introduced me to the one in old Santa Monica my first weekend here, unfortunately, I didn’t see a James Earl Jones look-a-like, but, it was a good experience. This one, I found, was more of a place to hang out on a Sunday morning, which was really fun. In addition to grabbing your fruits and veggies, there was breakfast and music, and most people just sat in the grass and basked in the morning sun. Yet another way to meet people…or at least people-watch. A little staring until they stare back never hurt.

The basic conclusion is that there are of course options for dating in any town, you just need to know where to find them. Moving to a new area shouldn’t be daunting, it should open the door to new opportunities. Yes, I moved away from what I knew and was comfortable with, but a new area gives me tons more possibilities and personalities to meet. It’s amazing how a change of location can offer a different perspective and vibe on the dating scene, and a place just a few miles down the road can offer such a different dating pool. And if for some reason dating in West LA doesn’t work out… I hear gas prices are supposed to be going down.

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