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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Love is Like Chocolate

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." ~ Charles M. Schulz

Such wise words. But love and chocolate have a lot in common. Chocolate is a natural mood enhancer…as is love. Aww… But when I was in the midst of a migraine earlier this week, it was medication, caffeine and chocolate that was gonna do the trick. Love was not what this girl needed.

Women get a bad wrap for being “addicted” to chocolate, but I have found guys to be just as in “love” with those yummy treats. From boxed candies to homemade fudge to cakes and pies—chocolate just may be the way to both women’s, and men’s, hearts. Whether single or in a relationship, both sexes can offer these treats up as a sweet gesture to brighten their partner’s day, and it really does have an effect on them…even if some men aren’t so willing to admit it.


My little brother is home from college and recently had a couple friends over. As I walked into my family’s house, I said “hi” to them, and the first thing I noticed was an empty bad of peanut M&M’s. As the lonely bag lay there open next to one of his friends, I asked him, “Did you eat the whole bag?” Immediately, they all tried to pass the blame on the other, which was quite amusing, but it seemed that even on guys’ night, they had to satisfy that sweet tooth (and that was after the pizza and everything else), and for some reason, were ashamed of it. Come on, boys, it’s just chocolate! I laughed it off and told them to relax, and if they wanted, there was another bag in the kitchen. At least they didn’t touch my Junior Mints.

My Dad always brings a few pieces of candy to work with him, so he can have them mid-day. They’re just a little something to keep him going. He likes the different kinds of Hershey Kisses, so I try to look for new ones as they come out. He always says, “Oh no, why did you do that?” when I get them, but that false disappointment doesn’t last long as the candy begins to disappear. Chocolate can just make people happy. It’s that little extra something that can just make your day all that more special.

And though I know this isn’t just a common theme with males in my family…it did all seem to start at the top.

My Grandfather is the King of Candy. He has a well-stocked “Candy Cabinet.” One time, he and my Grandmother had a bunch of errands to run, but they had stopped off at the store first, and he got some chocolates. Afraid that they might melt, they had to go all the way back home to drop them off. Hey, it’s important stuff.

But every time I, or anyone else, goes to see him, the first thing he does is ask if we want a piece of chocolate. And if we say no, he gets up and goes to his cabinet, and pulls out a box of chocolates, and offers us one. Or perhaps gives us a newly discovered kind of chocolate candy all in a pretty red wrapping. And then he has one, or two, also. And it makes him happy. And my Grandmother just laughs. Then he laughs about his little candy addiction. He’s happy to give away candy and happy to receive it. Hmm…kind of like love.

There’s a reason people don’t give their significant other Baked Beans on Valentine’s Day. Or their Birthday, or Anniversary. Chocolate is an automatic mood booster that seems to go hand in hand with love. When people are in love, they have it. When people break up, they have it too. Whether it’s a reminder of that love, or something to fill the void of love lost. So why not indulge your significant other—male or female? Maybe all you need is love, but I hereby give you all permission to crack open a box of chocolates when you feel like it. And if you’re single, offer your neighbor a treat… it might have him asking for more.

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