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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Where I've Been

(April 1, 2007) Some of you, and by some, I mean all two of my readers, may have notice that I have been away for a bit. I have taken a brief hiatus from my column because I needed some time away from it. Away from dating, and especially talking about it, giving advice on it, and even laughing about it.

I needed to explore it on my own. And by explore, I don’t mean sit in a bar or coffee shop, or search online, or attack random men begging for a date. I just needed, first of all, some time alone, second, a new destination, and third, a chance at love. And I thought, if I can achieve all that in a couple months’ time, then I would be one lucky lady.


So first, the time alone. I knew I couldn’t have people around that I knew. I needed sort of a journey, or quest, but also some time to think. Like many of you, I was just fed up with the dating world. I meet this guy, it doesn’t work out, so I meet another, and so on and so on. What is the point? Isn’t it easier to be alone and miserable than surrounded by morons each night and be miserable?

So yes, alone. I decided to go somewhere that I wouldn’t know anyone. I broke out the map, did the random finger point, and it landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hmm…not what I expected…I was looking for something more remote, but it was what was chosen for me, so I went with it. I made my way there…and went to the outer edges of Philly, so it was actually a quiet area. And I waited. I wasn’t sure for what, but I did.

Then I got bored…and had to go out. But Philly in the winter is cold I noticed, and as I stumbled through the streets, my eyes began tearing against the wind. Coffee Shop, I thought. Find me a Coffee Shop!

Good thing they are everywhere, because I found one, and busted in, disrupting the quiet sippers and readers. I whispered sorry, grabbed a napkin to dab my eyes with, and headed up to the counter.

“It’s not that sad, is it?” said the man in front of me.

I wanted to just scream LAME to him, but I was in a different place and being a different me, and not analyzing dating, so I let it go. I went with…snarky.

“What’s not sad?” I said.

He turned around.

Okay…Mr. Lame is also Mr. Handsome.

“The tears? Something’s sad, but it can’t be that sad, otherwise you wouldn’t have rushed in for coffee? Unless…that’s it…you were late for your caffeine fix?” He smiled and his dimples almost burst out of his cheeks.

Damn him. He won.

“You know, I wanted to say something snarky in regards to your initially lame comment,” I told him, as we shuffled a little closer to the counter.

“I know you did,” he said, and ushered me in front of him.

I stepped back.

“No, no, you’re freezing. Please, you first. I don’t need any more snarky comments. I get enough from her.” He pointed over to a table, and I expected to see a gorgeous supermodel, and I was close. There was an adorable three-year old with a half-eaten cookie in her hand and chocolate smeared across her face.

“Comparing me to a child, are you?”

He just smiled.

“I’m taking it as a compliment,” I told him, and leaned in for my order, then turned to him for his. He smiled in appreciation, ordered, and then of course paid the bill, but I put up a good fight.

We walked towards the table with the little girl.

“You should, you know?”

“Should what?”

“Take it as a compliment. She’s one of the sweetest, kindest, adorable girls I know,” he said, as he put a cup of milk down for the girl, and I melted like the chocolate chips on the cookie.

“Well…it’s a good thing I did. And thank you.”

I turned to leave, but I didn’t want to.

“I have to bring her home soon, to my sister….”

Aww…he’s a cute uncle!

“But later, would you like to go out to dinner?”

And that my friends, was the start of an amazing relationship that has not ended and will not end because…

Dun dun dun!

I am engaged!

I know, who would’ve thought? If I hadn’t gone to Philly, been all teary, and gone into that coffee shop, and let Mr. Lame get me all smitten…then I would still be….none of those things. But instead I’m engaged and we’re getting married in 2 weeks!

I know it’s soon, but when you know, you know, and we wanted a quick wedding. And it just feels right, you know?

And little Olivia, his niece, is going to be our flower girl. And we’re getting married in Pennsylvania. And turns out he lives in D.C., and I am going to move there and we are going to live happily ever after.

Me and Samuel.

Are you kidding? A coffee shop? An adorable niece? That doesn’t happen! Have I taught you people nothing?

Besides…if I were engaged and married…what would I write about?

April Fool’s!

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