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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

15-Year-Old Love Advice

It took a roundtable chat with some fifteen-year-olds to put me back on track. I met up with my little cousin at the Mystic Irish Parade today. See, I told you, there was TONS to do around here. She was with a few of her friends. All fifteen, in high school, and very nice girls…who quickly bored and wanted to pop into a restaurant for a snack. So we did.

As soon as we sat down, the talk immediately turned to boys. Of course! What else do you talk about when you’re 15? Well…what else do you talk about when you’re 25? Or 35? I guess it’s what you talk about in reference to boys that changes. Or…as I was soon to find out…maybe not. Man, times have changed since I was 15.


But on to boys…a topic I thought maybe I could give them some advice on. There was my cousin, we’ll call her Callie. She told me all about this boy she liked, thought she had a thing with, but then that was it? He never called her again, but they thought he was getting back together with the girl he was with right before Callie. But she really liked him. So, as I could relate, that was a big bummer. When you like a guy and he goes back with a different girl. Defensive cousin Nicole, called him a jerk. Dating columnist Nicole, realized that she was just the poor gal that got stuck with him while he sorted his own mess out. I still hate him. Unfortunately, she still likes him. But she can do better, and I know that. See, I’m a good cousin.

But, then there was the one who liked the friend of that boy, so Callie was gonna work to set that up. She was adorably giddy about it. I hope it works out for her. He drives a mustang. Nice. Then there was the other girl who liked a boy but seemed pretty calm and cool about it. She seemed to kind of know the route to get to him and that it would somehow work out. I think my cousin may have also had a role in those matchmaking responsibilities.

Then there was the other girl, and I told her that she reminded me of myself in high school. She was a junior and not dating anyone, and not looking to, and didn’t want to get too attached to anyone because she was looking toward her senior year and just wanted it to be fun. I told her that I could relate, and I used to have the mentality that, “eh, it’ll happen when it’s supposed to.” I wasn’t going to push anything. I didn’t really have the energy to pursue anything. Sure, I had crushes galore, but I only ever saw them as crushes, nothing that would ever really work out, but they were fun. It was high school. You talk about boys, you giggle, you see a boy, and you giggle. Ah, I missed those days.

And then I was brought back to those days…

As we left the restaurant, the girls pointed out how their teacher and coach was outside another restaurant on the parade route. I got the info fast.

Age: 33 Status: Single Height: 6”1

I started giggling. Then they started chiming in, all at once, “We’ll set you up, but he’s quiet, and he’s really into history, and he takes all these trips…” Then one girl goes, “hang on, let me call my Dad, he’s friends with him…” And I hear, “Hey, we have someone to set Mr. __ up with!”

Panic set in.


Was this good or bad? I couldn’t tell.

Mr. History was in the midst of friends by the parade, and my cousin swung me by because she wanted to say hello. It was very crowded so she only got to yell hello from afar, but she did, with me beside her, and he yelled hello back. And I realized that the aliens did not get to them all. There is hope.

And luckily, he’s her tennis coach. Looks I’ll be going to lots o’ tennis matches this spring... 

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