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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

Happy Date Days

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days… Is that true? Are they really? I think any day is a Happy Day when I’m only mildly insane and I have about five minutes of downtime. Then I’m Happy. Doesn’t matter which day. But if you’re telling me Sunday, Monday…Happy Days? Okay, I’ll take it.

But let’s say “Date Day” is “Happy Day,” because for many of you, that’s the case. You set a date and you look forward to it all week. It’s the focal point. You’re just getting through every other day until you get to that day — whether it’s Friday night or Saturday night. But wait a minute — who said it has to be Friday night or the weekend? Does your “Happy Date Day” have to fall on a weekend, or can it be any day? What day is the best day for a date? I say, screw the Weekends-only option, and embrace every other day there is. There are seven days in a week—look at all the dating options you have! Why neglect poor Mopey Monday or Whiney Wednesday just because you think Fiesta Friday is more fun? Turn it into Margarita Monday and take your date out for a whopping good time.



The point is, don’t limit yourself. You stress about the work week and then let loose on the weekends, only to repeat the whole thing over again. Putting yourself into that kind of pattern is exhausting. Sure, a date at the end of the week gives you that little glimmer of hope that the end is near, though sometimes, can make the week drag by. Also, it limits your dating possibilities to two or three days. Next time you meet someone, and he suggests a date, why not say, “sure, how about, Tuesday?” Once he gets over the shock, he will be pleasantly surprised, and he’ll say, “Yeah, I don’t have plans.”

Then, you can look into all the things you can do on a Tuesday night. First of all, you both probably just worked all day, so you will be a little tired, and hungry. Dinner is an obvious option. So go ahead, grab dinner. If it’s a first date or meeting, there is your basic, “let’s grab a drink,” and then that often leads to dinner, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a good way to get to know a person, to talk to them, and once you’re comfortable with them, sit down and have a meal and not completely feel awkward about getting lettuce stuck in your teeth or chewing with your mouth full of food. No worries, you just told them all of the embarrassing stories of your childhood, and you’ve got a few shots of Tequila in your system (it’s Tequila Tuesday, after all…). But it’s a special date night, it’s a Tuesday. It’s not an ordinary weekend date. We don’t end with drinks and dinner. And no, we’re not going to a movie.

Let’s do something a little different. You just worked all day, you had a drink, you had a meal, and you’re in good company. This is definitely a different way to spend your work week than just plopping down on the couch and watching bad re-runs or a horrible made-for-TV movie. It’s a unique date and you should do something a little more interesting. Depending on your location, and the time of year, you can find things in your area that will spice things up a bit and make your date swoon. And if you suggested the Tuesday date and made him miss the game on TV and alter his plopping-down-on-the-couch-after-a-long-day-at-work plans, you better have something good. Even if you just walk around town, isn’t it better than thinking about another day’s work?

Also, a Tuesday is a great time of week to do something. It’s a couple days after the weekend. You have just started the work week, so just after you have hit that low of the Monday rut, you realize, “I have a date tomorrow!” Instant excitement! Then you have your date, and it’s Wednesday. You get to gush to all of your co-workers about how amazing it was…where you went, what you did, what he smelled like, how cute his smile was, the way he laughed, the funny thing he said, the funny thing he said twice because he forgot he said it the first time so it totally must have been a story that he rehearsed. You know, that sort of stuff.

Then, since the date did go so well, you know you’re going out again on the weekend. So there you go, something else to look forward to in a couple more days! See how easy that is! Dating on Tuesdays is fun, you should do it all the time! That’s it, I’m officially making Tuesday “Date Night.” Now I just need someone to date.

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