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Dating Triumphs and Tragedies
by Nicole Roberge

A Thirst For... Something

“Want to grab a drink, sometime?” he asked me. Suurreee…. I thought. Normally, I’d say yes. A drink is innocent and mostly harmless. But in the light of a recent medical issue, I have unfortunately been unable to consume alcohol. So now what? Are all dating prospects out the window because this girl can’t have a Margarita or two? Am I totally off the dating market? What guy wants to date a girl who won’t go out for a drink? I mean, come on… is there really any other possible dating situation?

Of course there is, but I thought back on many of my first date situations, and most guys generally do ask, “So, do you want to go for a drink sometime?” A little redundant, maybe, but it’s easy, and lightens the mood a little. But now that I’m in a bit of a bind, does that limit my dating possibilities? Am I restricted to who and where I can date? There’s coffee, I suppose… though that’s more of a daytime date. Well, it’s summer, let’s break out the lemonade. Let’s see, I’ve never really understood Non-Alcoholic Beer.



There was also the problem of explaining to someone I barely know that I can’t drink due to a medical problem. Okay, so I just explained it to everyone here, but we’re all friends; it’s cool. But when you’re going out with someone for the first time, you don’t want to say anything too awkward or uncomfortable that could scare him off, and giving him your medical history (not that it’s anything too weird). But coming up with a list of excuses and lying as to why I can’t have a drink, is also not a good idea.

But then I thought, well why does it always have to be a drink? What about all the non-drinkers out there? It’s not fair to them either. So… since I have been on a bit of a medical leave, I have compiled a list of possible dates that don’t include liquid courage, but provide equal satisfaction, fun and entertainment, and can provide a stimulating enough environment for a successful date, and… good beverages:

Mar-TEA-ni for Two:
From Green Tea to Bubble Tea, it’s hip and cool to order, even if you don’t like the taste, which, let’s face it, many don’t. But I’m down with the “Sleepy Time Tea” to cozy up to when I can’t fall asleep, and would be totally comfortable with a constant IV of Peach Iced Tea pumping into me. But not everyone is as tea savvy. However, there are some really cool new options that could appeal to a variety of people — from cocktail lovers to tea sippers. Settle into a funky new Tea Lounge or Tea Bar and explore your options. If you’re a tea fan but your date prefers the alcoholic fare, then you are both in luck. He can try an Earl Grey Mar-TEA-ni while you sip your Raspberry Zinger. It’s an interesting environment that’ll also treat your taste buds.

Meeting for coffee is also always a good option. The world is certainly in no short supply of Coffee Shops. Whether it is during the day for a Cup o’ Joe and a muffin or at night for some decaf, or hot chocolate, it provides you with a relaxed environment to get to know someone better. Often times, if it is not a busy chain, coffeehouses provide nights of entertainment with music, so you can get there early, grab a cup, chat for a bit, then sit back and listen to some tunes. And if they’re bad, then you can leave.

Lemonade Stand, 5 cents a cup!:
Remember that Lemonade Stand you had when you were a kid? Well, he remembers the kids he made fun of for having a Lemonade Stand! See, you’re a perfect match! A lot of cute little restaurants have fun, summery drinks. Find a nice, little, quaint hideaway that you can go to, whether it’s a café, restaurant or juice bar, where you can enjoy a Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Cranberry Lemonade or even Vanilla Bean Lemonade. There are many other fabulous concoctions they have — trust me, there’s a huge variety out there, and they’re a great treat especially on a hot day or when you’re winding down at night. Plus, it will remind you of your childhood, and it will be great for reminiscing and pulling out some funny stories for both of you to tell.

Shirley Temple:
I’m just throwing that out there, because yes, I just ordered one recently, and no, I’m not ashamed.

Like a Virgin:
Virgin Daiquiri. Virgin Margarita. Non-Alcoholic Beer. Most bars and restaurants do serve your typical alcoholic beverage without alcohol, so you can have what he’s having, just without the liquor. And lets face it, the best part of the Strawberry Daiquiri is the Whipped Cream anyway.

Shake It Up:
Okay, if you want to know the real way to a girl’s heart (read: my heart), it is via ice cream. And the perfect ice cream-related beverage, especially in the summer, is in fact a milk shake. If a guy said to me, “hey, you want to go out for a milkshake one night?” I would melt faster than ice cream.

So there you have it, just a couple options for those non-alcoholic drinkers out there. You do have to drink your fluids; it’s part of life. What you drink and whom you do it with is a different story. I hope your thirsts are all happily quenched.

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