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Dating From the Inside Out
by Susan S. Davis

Universal Laws:
The Law of Attraction

Universal Laws,” or, basic principles of life, have been in existence since the beginning of time. According to The Peaceful Planet, Universal Law means That which is; a truth that is valid everywhere in the universe and applies to everyone and everything. It is timeless and endless in all dimensions and densities within the universe.

It is believed by many that Universal Laws cannot be changed or broken, and apply to everyone, everywhere. Whether or not you are spiritually inclined, there is no denying that in general, our thoughts and feelings contribute to our reality.

As spiritual beings, when we allow ourselves, we can be powerful creators. On a very deep subconscious level, everything that is happening, or has ever happened to a person, can often be linked to a full response to one’s thoughts (and the emotions behind them). If you don’t believe this to be true, take a moment, and really look at the life you’ve been living. More than likely, there are probably some areas, which provide great happiness, as well as others that could use some improvement. While this not profound wisdom, when you really confront your existence for what it truly is, you may be surprised at what you encounter.

Some people believe that they are victims of circumstance. While one is most certainly affected greatly by the environment in which they are born into and continue to live in, the fact that so many people have overcome very harsh obstacles and managed to turn conditions around in their favor, is more than enough proof that we don’t owe all that we have to “dumb luck.”

Therefore, it would make sense that a lot of success in life is based upon a simple matter of understanding how to “play the game,” largely by understanding the rules, and the “laws” that define the game. A game, of course, is whatever goal is set to be accomplished: career, financial, spiritual, relationship, family, and so on.

Just as whether the belief in the Law of Gravity is present or not, the same understanding of Universal Laws applies, regardless of whether or not the belief in the concepts themselves, is readily apparent. They both exist and affect you, whether or not you are aware of them. However, it is generally agreed by those who believe in both, that Universal Laws are far more potent than gravity. This could be, because gravity affects earth, and Universal Laws are considered infinite, without boundaries.

Of all the Universal Laws, the single most powerful law, is the Law of Attraction: "That which is likened unto itself is drawn" or simply, "Like attracts like." What it boils down to, is that what one is focused on, manages to come to them. When attentive to goals, that simple intention, creates an attraction to you, from that which you are interested in attaining. It’s all about positive energy. This is why, when focused on negative energy, or what is not wanted, that action, and that action alone, can serve to draw to you, that which you ultimately do not wish to have.

The Law of Attraction, in its essence, really is that simple. However, our general thoughts are usually very unfocused and moving in multiple, simultaneous directions. For example, you may say, "I want a new house." In that moment, the universe is attempting to orchestrate situations and events to make that happen. However, often, at the same time, we say "but I can't afford it," or some other negative connotation, which serves to sabotage the original desire. In essence, universal forces may say, "Okay. He said he wanted such and such, but now he says he can't afford it," hence, stopping the positive energy flow. A single negative thought, whatever it may be, can serve to keep a positive desire from occurring.

On a much deeper level, when fantasizing about wanting something, it’s interesting to note just where the emotions are rooted from. In most cases, their essence comes from a kind of lacking; including feelings that tell you this is something that you cannot have, often for unfounded reasons. Realistically, everyone has a certain level of income and resources from which to tap. But facing facts, those who really desire to have certain things, one way or another, manage to find a way. It is easy to see how, by not understanding the Law of Attraction, thoughts and emotions serve as a base foundation, that keeps things away, that could otherwise be had.

One commodity that many people want, is more money. If the emotions felt about money are examined, i.e., happiness, elation, frustration, anger, sadness, jealousy – perhaps it may be easier to ascertain how those emotions may be re-aligned so that money begins to flow in the direction you want it to, by consciously and deliberately practicing the Law of Attraction through thoughts and feelings.

The simple fact of the matter is, that whatever change is desired, is possible, through understanding and applying the rules associated with the Law of Attraction. Everyone has the power to deliberately choose to change thoughts and reach for the idea that more positively aligns with a goal. The way one views any given subject, is the barometer for knowing what a balance of thought is, on any given subject.

Another indicator, is the circumstances of one’s life. If you're ever confused about which end of the barometer your ideals are on, take a spot check of the emotional level associated with that particular ideal. Emotions are so basic, that they never misrepresent the way consciousness flows energy.

Some basic principles on the Law of Attraction, include:

1. What is thought about, is generally what is attained, whether “wanted”or not. By putting one’s attention on something, it can actually serve as a way to draw it right within the vicinity of thought.

2. Like attracts like, in that all forms of matter and energy connect as similar vibrations. Energy attracts like energy; everything draws to itself that which is like itself, much like a human magnet. The basic premise “opposites attract,” is more geared toward the fascination with that which is different, than the Law of Attraction in its purest form.

3. We achieve and acquire that which we put our energy and focus on, whether or not it is “wanted.”

On a karmic level, some ways of expression connected with the Law of Attraction, include:

"Birds of a feather flock together"; “Like attracts like”; “Whatever you want, wants you”; “What you sow, you reap”; “What you put out, you get back”; “What comes around goes around.” While these statements represent a bit of a cliché, in reality, there is more truth to them than most people seem to realize.

When used to one’s advantage, the Law of Attraction can be fun to learn and use, because as the results begin to manifest, it becomes more readily apparent how to really create a future, in whatever form you desire it.

Below are some ways to utilize the Law of Attraction to your advantage:

1. Get a very clear, precise view on what is truly desired.

2. Visualize it completely, to raise the consciousness level on it.

3. Allow It. While this may seem simple, this is an area where many people sabotage themselves. In order to allow something to happen, negative thoughts and emotions need to be kept out of the way. There are many techniques to utilize, such as affirmations, and simply keeping on target point, by using a device, such as a goal plan, to keep in focus.

4. Take inspired action, through simple activities or a goal/target plan.

In summary, by merely expecting desires to materialize, there is a much better chance of attaining them. Using the Law of Attraction principles by adjusting habitual behavior to the most optimum levels, can actually revert and direct situations into those that you want in your life.

You can leave all the details to the universe, including the method of delivery, and when it will be received. All that is necessary is to allow it, which can be the most difficult part of the process. Practice being doubt-free, and “expecting” things to occur, or situations to be in place. Behave as though you already have what it is you desire, relish it, and be appreciative. A classic example of this is when actor/comedian, Jim Carrey, long before he became a well-known and successful movie star, used to drive up to a point on Mulholland Drive, park his car, and take out a check he’d made out to himself in the amount of $10,000, which he put into his father’s casket, after his passing. The mere act of writing out a check to himself, drawn on his own account (which, at the time, of course, did not have $10,000 in it), most certainly could be counted as a distinct affirmation.

With respect to dating and relationships, in time, as more positive elements are affirmed, and the focus shifts to that which is desired, on a consistent basis, the actual benefits will begin to be realized in the form of actual, direct, distinct scenarios and life situations.

Susan S. Davis is a published book author and writer, currently doing research for a romantic screenplay she is writing. Her Dating From The Inside Out column is published every Tuesday.

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