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Dating From the Inside Out
by Susan S. Davis

The Secret of Intentional Manifestation

Many people have been discussing a new film called, The Secret - which, while not released in theatres, has been available on DVD, and was recently discussed on The Oprah Show. Largely a vehicle for personal development, the film has a documentary-style feel to it, much like What the Bleep Do We Know?, a fantastical experience, where quantum uncertainty is explored, neurological processes, and perception are shifted in such a way that everything is very alive, and reality is shifted by way of thought.

However, unlike What the Bleep’s storyline and cartoons, The Secret engages the intention-manifestation theory, and explores how to use the law of attraction to create what you desire. On that level, it is a very appealing premise. Especially if you’re in the market to expand your dating pool or even find a soul mate.

As many self-help development products preach, most of us focus our thoughts on what we don’t want, or on reinforcing what we’re already experiencing. One of the forgotten premises in the intention-manifestation phase, is that in order to succeed at that juncture, we really need to steady our focus on what it is that we want, all the time, even if it isn’t even remotely present in our lives.

It’s easy to want something, and even create a plan to get it. But maintaining the positive energy in order to “will” it into existence, is another avenue entirely. In fact, for many people, it is the Achilles Heal of the process of positive energy processes.

In fact, the importance of the emotional impact of the ramifications of negative energy and how it affects the goals that we set, and the essence of our very lives, has been very well documented. On the basis of that, one would think that much more attention would be placed upon it and how to keep positive energy flowing, in many more aspects of life, including workplaces. However, the reality is that many of the people who run businesses, particularly those that seem burdensome and oppressive, are bastions of negative energy themselves, and very threatened by positive outlooks and those who directly oppose, therefore, the very existence of negativity, just by being present. And while it all seems perfunctory, the reality is that negativity, just like anything else, has to be engaged by someone in order to keep it alive.

The reason that all of the above matters, is that while it may seem obvious, even easy, to root and sort out those areas of our lives that need to be redirected, the reality is that it often is not. Emotional Intelligence, just like any other form of intelligence, is extremely important to have, in order to succeed at just about anything, since emotions, whether we recognize it or not, do have an impact, no matter how sterile a situation may seem. Lack of emotion, can have a similar negative impact on any situation, as over-emotion. Compassion is an important component in order to have passion for whatever it is that we are involved in. And passion is the fuel that makes things happen, motivates, inspires.

Nature developed our emotions over millions of years of evolution. As a result, our emotions have the potential to serve as a delicate and sophisticated internal guidance system, alerting us when natural human need is not being met. This can range from basic loneliness, to fear and safety. These are all survival mechanisms that should not be ignored.

In addition, emotions are valuable tools that we can use to help make decisions. Studies have shown that when a person's emotional connections are severed in the brain, even simple decisions cannot be met, because it isn’t apparent how we will feel about our choices. And connecting with our motions is necessary, in order to embark upon any intention-manifestation program.

The Secret speakers include Jack Canfield (of the Chicken Soup series), Joe Vitale, Fred Alan Wolf (also in What the Bleep), John Demartini, and Denis Waitley. The principles reviewed in the film, involve confronting the fact that so many of us unintentionally use the law of attraction to manifest exactly we don’t want; including everything from depression, financial scarcity, and, of course, relationship issues.

The most critical point of the film, essentially, is – as stated above, the fact that our emotions serve as our internal compass to let us know exactly how and in which ways, that we’re applying the law of attraction. For example, if you feel happy, joyful, passionate, or otherwise positive, it is apparent that you are actually successfully thinking about what it is that you desire.

On the other hand, if you feel fearful, depressed, angry, or otherwise negative, that is focusing on mostly what you don’t desire, so that you are actually using the law of attraction in a destructive way. At any given time, you can simply check your emotional state, to determine whether or not you’re in alignment, and then take steps to correct it.

One way to go about correcting the emotional scale, is whenever you notice yourself slipping into a negative state, stop and refocus attention back on what it is that you want. Aside from deep breathing, meditation, yoga, visualization, listening to relaxing music, going over your goals, or spending time doing the things that are designed to achieve your goals, it is also important to rid your life and environment of negative aspects. If you find yourself spending a great deal of time, for example, “fighting” or feeling like you are in some sort of a battle, and it happens with enough regularity that it is distracting, it is very important to address that issue and really handle it, so that you can raise your emotional state back up to where it needs to be again, to function positively with regard to the law of attraction.


By monitoring your emotional state in the above way, you may find that you will much more easily attract what it is that you want, partly through pleasurable direct action, but also through effortless synchronicity. Another good exercise is to take note of how people invariably attract circumstances that align with their dominant thoughts.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, it is obvious that the benefits of monitoring emotions, can have an even more intense impact. Anyone you ask, will mostly tell you that someone displaying negative energy is far less attractive, than someone who has a positive, radiant attitude, no matter what they physically look like. In fact, people surveyed, have said that positivity is not only very sexy, but more appealing on every level, and that even a person who possesses great physical attributes, needs to have it in order to maintain an involvement and interest. And so, it would appear that The Secret to finding the types of friendships or relationships that you desire, begins with one thing – positive energy.

And that is best maintained, by keeping a close check on your emotions. Take charge of your thoughts, and your circumstances will follow along. By really confronting how you feel about things, and taking steps to keep your emotional radius high and serene, you may find that you will naturally attract the very same thing that you are radiating.

Susan S. Davis is a published book author and writer, currently doing research for a romantic screenplay she is writing. Her Dating From The Inside Out column is published every Tuesday.

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