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Dating From the Inside Out
by Susan S. Davis

Positive Energy and Dating

Much has been said and written about positive vs. negative energy. It’s a pretty well known fact that positive energy reaps far more rewards than negative energy. The energy that people exude can profoundly influence health and mood.

Many successful people have positive energy in common. Just as in a career – focusing positively and surrounding yourself with positive situations and individuals directly fosters success in any situation. Intuition is an integral part in the process, and the body and mind attempt to inform of the presence of various types of energy in surroundings. One may not always be aware of it, however, since it resides below the surface of the mind, behind the noise of everyday thought.


Realizing and appreciating positive energy can make simple experiences that we all take for granted seem much more profound, instilling wonder in place of what we may have considered mundane. There is a correspondence between our inner psychological condition that includes our habits, desires, attitudes, opinions, and beliefs, with how the world takes shape around us. Therefore, it is likely that if we were to emulate a more positive psychological condition inside, life on the outside would respond more positively in response.

Intuition Plays a Positive Force
On a spiritual level, our bodies and psyche can be thought of as a microsystem of energy. Intuitions can often be a very positive force, helping direct us to balance thought processes and emotions. Sometimes a burst of energy, clarity, or tension lifting can occur. When the opposite happens, you could feel anxious, have difficulty breathing or just feel tired. It’s important to note how situations and people create these feelings. Using intuition can also help in picking up people’s vibes. People and situations can emit a welcoming that invigorates, or an oppressiveness that repels.

Being aware of how people make you feel can help keep you on track in finding the types of individuals that best meet your emotional needs. It is just as important to note the kinds of energy others give off, as it is to be aware of your own.

Sometimes, a certain person or situation can create a response from you that is not the “norm.” In other words, if you’re relatively shy, but you find that in a given situation or around certain types of people, you lose your inhibitions, as long as it is not destructive behavior (consuming excess alcohol or drugs) – this may be an avenue to consider using more in your social quests.

How to Use Positive Energy to Your Advantage
If you are interested in someone and you receive positive feedback (not just a “politeness” that sometimes occurs in social situations), be aware of the precise mechanism that caused it. For example, if you’re at a venue that is particularly enjoyable, remember it so that you can return to it at a later date. If you meet people there that seem to have a commonality with you, make note of that, as well. And, if you meet single people there who seem to be good prospective dating candidates, be aware of that, too. This way, when you’re at a lull, have some extra time, plans get cancelled or at a loss for something to do, you can utilize the venue or situation to revisit a gratifying experience by creating a new one.

Another way to use positive energy to your advantage is to keep track of your successful actions. When things work well for you, it’s a sign that positive energy is at work. When something “works,” that is to say, you get a result that you find worthwhile, make a note of it so that you can use the same situation. For instance, if you find that you meet quality people at a certain or specific venue, be sure to use it again while you’re at the stage where you are still exploring getting to know various people. Keep in mind the resources that provide the best types of individuals for that purpose.

Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

Conversely, if you find that certain places and people make you feel unwelcome, defensive, or just bad, it may be a good idea to avoid those people and situations as much as possible, especially in terms of developing social harmony in your life. Negative energy from other people can be every bit as damaging as your own, and actually create it in yourself.

Likewise, if a venue doesn’t work well or seems to attract certain types of people, keep that in mind and act accordingly. Steering clear of negative energy as much as you can will only serve to enhance and maintain balance in your life, while paving the way for new and enriching relationships to develop.

Susan S. Davis is a published book author and writer, currently doing research for a romantic screenplay she is writing. Her Dating From The Inside Out column is published every Tuesday.

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