Teens and Online Dating (IMO)

Teens and Online Dating

The theory is that teens don’t really need to concern themselves with online dating because their daily activities (i.e. school, sports, clubs) put them in contact with fellow teens all the time. That’s the theory. Is that the case? ALSO SEE: MTV Casting for Dark Dating Show IMO, a forum show that is part of…

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Tech Head Richard Hammond Talks Internet Dating

In this Tech Head video, host Richard Hammond decides to examine a few online dating services and give his opinion. The sites he mentions are: Farmers Only, Gothic Match, Sugar Daddie, Must Love Pets, and Trek Passions. Hammond introduces the site then shares his thoughts on the dating service. For example, he says that Farmers…

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Lorna O Talks About Online Dating

Matchmaking and relationship coach Lorna O talks about online dating with Jen and Josh on Planet Love Match radio. In this short 2:53 clip from the interview, Lorna has some interesting things to share, including how one person she knows puts post-it notes of guys she’s communicating with on her car dashboard so she’ll know…

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Woman Traumatized from First Online Dating Experience

A 33-year old woman, named Erin, has posted a video where she talks about her first foray into online dating and how traumatized she was from filling out a profile to having a guy IM her about how “naughty” she was. Erin started a project on January 1, 2011 to do a video log (VLog)…

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Online Dating Background Checks – The Young Turks

This video by The Young Turks is a frank discussion about online dating background checks and whether they are a good idea or not. The discussion is quite opposing each co-host takes a differing opinion about online dating background checks. We’ve included some of their comments below the video. The Young Turks is hosted by…

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