Online Dating Attractive to Young Adults

Fox29 out of Philadelphia recently aired a great segment on how young adults are finding online dating to be an attractive option. The four-minute news feature tries to break down why the popularity of online dating has now penetrated a younger crowd. “It used to be that online dating was something for adults only,” starts…

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Online Dating Gaining Popularity in South Africa

Online dating is growing in popularity in South Africa. In this ENCA report, anchor Narissa Subramoney explores the appeal and dangers of online dating in South Africa. South Africa Online Dating Transcript of South Africa Online Dating News Story For the believers, Thursday is going to be filled with romance. 24-year old Prudy Mbele is…

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Online Dating France – A France24 Report

France 24 Report on Online Dating - 2012

This special news segment is from France24, a news media network offering a French perspective on world events. In this segment, they tackle the topic of online dating. The report, while informative, seems to lack focus. It jumps around topics like a kangaroo on caffeine. Luckily it’s still enjoyable to watch. Two insights from the…

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It’s Just Lunch News Story

(May 20, 2009) This is a news story that takes a closer look at dating via mixed offline and online mediums. Specifically, the news story looks at dating service It’s Just Lunch. It’s Just Lunch is a matchmaking service that people pay thousands of dollars to in order to be set up on dates. An…

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Online Dating – Read the Terms of Service

Some of the companies that receive the most complaints from the Better Business Bureau are online dating services. The main reason is for the automated billing practices. But the dating services are usually always cleared in such cases because the practices are outlined in the Terms of Service that you agree to before signing up.…

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Woman Loses $400,000 to Online Dating Scam

A lot of people don’t think they can be taken in by an online dating scam,  but as this video points out, scammers are becoming more sophisticated – especially at getting you to fall in love with them before executing the scam, thus catching you with your guard lowered. As this news video story points…

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Controversial New Dating Site Launches

A controversial new dating site has launched that allows men to bid on how much money they would pay to go on a first date with a woman. The woman can then decide which bids she will take. The controversy is that many believe this to be a disguised way of promoting escorts. The site…

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eHarmony’s Secret Formula for Matching Couples

When was granted access into eHarmony’s secret Love Lab, they became the first media outlet allowed to bring cameras into the facility. The goal was to report on eHarmony’s formula that is used to match people. The news station not only takes a look at some of the algorithms, but also studies that eHarmony…

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