The Heart Machine – Movie on Online Dating

The Heart Machine

The Heart Machine is a movie about two people who meet online and begin a relationship without having ever met. The independent movie tracks the relationship between Cody, who lives in Brooklyn, and Virginia who is in Berlin. However, soon Cody becomes obsessed with doubts that Virginia really is in Berlin. And he becomes almost…

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(Mis) Adventures in Online Dating

The following short film is titled, “Adventures of Online Dating”. Written and directed by┬áMaureen Dunbar, the film follows the adventures of a video blogger, Abby, as she deals with the breakup of her relationship by trying out the world of online dating. She quickly finds out that when it comes to online dating, not everyone…

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The Hitman Tries Online Dating

On YouTube there’s a video series called “The Hitman” that follows the daily adventures of a hitman in documentary form (i.e. The Office). In Episode 9, the hitman decides to check out a service called eHarm. eHarm is a service that matches hitmen with their victims and allows them to better get to know their…

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Signs Short Film – Finding Love

A man is stuck in a daily rut of getting up at the same time and going through the same routine. Nothing in his life is fun anymore. He doesn’t have friends and what other people find funny, he doesn’t. While everyone about him is busy, his life seems to be travelling in slow motion.…

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Short Film – The Date

It’s an exciting time for the guy in this short film. He has a big date and to impress her, he is going to spend all afternoon cooking. No doubt, by the time he is done with this romantic and elaborate meal, his date will melt in his arms like dessert. There’s only one problem……

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Dating Short Film – Love Sick

Have you ever had that feeling that “this is the one”? You spot someone and you just know it is meant to be? That’s how it is with the guy in this short film. Titled “Love Sick”, this award-winning short film tracks the adventures of one guy who truly believes in love at first site.…

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Short Film – Love Language

This is a great video on a woman and man who get to know each other by sitting on a park bench and writing sticky notes back and forth to each other. The short film is titled “Love Language” and has done so well that many people are making their own versions of it. We’ve…

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Fishbowl of Love 06 – The Checklist

This is the final episode of the Fishbowl of Love series. Originally it was intended to be an ongoing series. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough YouTube views to keep the project going. So the six episodes that were originally created were all that aired. This sixth episode is titled The Checklist. Beverly is excited to “discover”…

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Fishbowl of Love 05 – Best Date Ever

In the first four episodes of Fishbowl of Love, Beverly had one disaster date after another. The poor girl was way overdue for a good date. And finally, she gets the Best Date Ever (title of episode). It starts with a guy she met online showing up at her door to pick her up (note…

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