How OKcupid Matches People


Started by a group of students from Harvard University, OKcupid used blogging, unique surveys, and outside-the-box thinking to grow its free dating service into one of the most used online dating services in the world. Launched in 2004, the path to success wasn’t easy for OKcupid, but it was a rewarding when one of the…

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Dragnet Tackles Online Dating Romance Scams

The video below was produced by the US Embassy in London to help get the word out about online dating romance scams. The reason funds are being spent on entertaining and educational videos like this is because romance scams are the #1 most successful online scams. That’s also why sites like Online Dating Magazine are…

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How to Select an Online Dating Service

The following video talks about how to select an online dating service. In the video, Meghan Lynn Allen provides advice on the different types of services and how to decide which to you. Below the video we have highlighted some of the points made in the video along with links to various sites mentioned.…

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How to do a Background Check in California

If you are dating someone that lives in California and you want to know how to conduct a background check in California then this video will help pave the way for you. It outlines the process you need to go through along with explaining the difference between a criminal background check and civil background check.…

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