Dating Tips

5 First Date Tips for Men Who Online Date

The woman in the below video went on more than 40 dates in five months with men that she met via online dating services. In this video she shares, from her experience, five things that men should avoid when it comes to the first date. One of the things she mentions can actually lead to…

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Online Dating Checklist

Meet Jonell who is an employee at Zoosk (an online dating service). She is also a seasoned online dating veteran who has been online dating for 14 years now (an no success?). In this video, Jonell offers an online dating checklist of things to do when online dating. It’s an entertaining and creative way of…

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First Date Tips

First Date Tips Video

First dates can be a bit scary, but lucky Dr. Paul Vehorn has produced several videos here that can help you get past the first date jitters and achieve first date success…

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Online Dating – First Contact

There is a saying that “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. Your first impression occurs the moment you send a message to someone you are interested in on an online dating service. Below is a video that provides some tips for that first contact. It also includes research like…

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First Date Body Language

One way to judge how a first date is going is by reading the body language of the person you are with. Here are some valuable tips to help you decipher the meaning of your date’s body language…

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Is Online Dating for You?

The top three ways people meet people they date is through friends & family, work, and online dating. Every year online dating becomes more prominent in the search for love. And as the prominence grows, the stigma fades. Virtually everyone knows someone who met someone else via an online dating service. If your comfort level…

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Better Online Dating Profile Tips

Online Dating Profile Tips and Advice (video)

This is a great video by Better that talks about online dating profile tips, providing some extremely good and valuable information for improving your chances of getting responses online. The video talks about giving your online dating profile a “summer makeover” so that you can get better results. Some of the great advice includes: –…

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Online Dating Profile Advice Video

This video provides some really good advice and tips on creating your online dating profile. What I really like about this video is that it strongly advises on being honest in your profile at a time where surveys show that nearly 50% of online daters tell “little white lies” in their profile. That’s unacceptable and…

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Online Dating Advice

In this video, the team at Better TV answer a question about online dating in their relationship segment called, “Ask Matt and Tamsen”. The question is, “I’m a single mother of two, recently divorced. I am jumping back into the world of dating and a little nervous about dating online. Can you give me some…

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Online Dating Tips Interview with Stefan Springman

This video is an interview with Stefan Springman, host of the TV show, “Can’t Get a Date”. In this interview, Stefan shares some of his observations, tips, and advice when it comes to online dating. He also highlights what people lie about the most in their online dating profiles. The interview is conducted by Lisa…

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