Why do People do Online Dating?

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: Why do people do online dating? A: Online dating is now the easiest way to meet other people who are looking to date or looking for a potential relationship. In addition, some key reasons as to why people like online dating are: > Online dating allows people to cast a wider “dating…

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How Does Online Dating Work?

This funny first date cartoon by Online Dating Magazine shows how one online dating couple conducts their first date...

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: How does online dating work? A: In its most simplest form, online dating works as follows. Step 1: You sign up for an online dating service. Step 2: You fill out a profile and post a photo. Step 3: You search through the profiles or matches on the service and send a…

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Why is Online Dating Popular?

Why is Online Dating so Popular?

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: Why is is online dating popular? A: Prior to the late 1990’s there was a strong stigma attached to online dating that it was: – not safe. – for losers. – for people who were desperate. – the equivalent of taking out a newspaper ad to find a date. Fast forward to…

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How Much do Online Dating Sites Cost?

How much do online dating sites cost?

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: How much do online dating sites cost? A: One of the reasons that the online dating industry is worth more than $1.5 billion a year is because of the millions of people that pay premium monthly prices in order to use the service to find dates or a potential relationship. We’ve assembled,…

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How Old Do You Have to Be to do Online Dating?

How old to do online dating?

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: How old do you have to be to do online dating? A: The vast majority of online dating services require that you be at least 18 years old to join and use the service.  Most online dating services do not have a maximum age for use. And as baby boomers and seniors…

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How Popular is Online Dating?

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: How popular is online dating? A: According to Online Dating Magazine, more than 20% of singles in the United States have gone on an actual date with someone they met online. And every year there are more than 280,000 people who marry as a direct result of meeting via an online dating…

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How Successful is Online Dating?

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: How successful is online dating? A: Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 280,000 marriages a year, in the United States alone, as a direct result of people meeting on an online dating service. People discover varying degrees of success when it comes to online dating. Some follow it through,…

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How Many Online Dating Sites Are There?

(Online Dating FAQ) Q: How many online dating sites are there in the United States? A: Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are approximately 2,500 online dating sites in the United States and more than 5,000 online dating services worldwide. Only a small handful of those online dating services in the United States, fewer than…

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