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OkCupid Loses Public Trust Over Experiments

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] July 29, 2014 – Online dating service OkCupid is losing the trust of the public and users over its unapologetic admission that it lied to and experimented on its users. The biggest lie by OkCupid, during its experiments, was telling users that they were highly compatible with bad matches (see our…

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OKcupid Lied to Users during Experiments

OKcupid Lied During Experiments on Users

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] July 28, 2014 – is feeling what it is like to be on the receiving end of criticism after the co-founder of the company admitted to lying to users and manipulating data in order to conduct private studies. Christian Rudder, the co-founder of OkCupid, recently wrote a post where he…

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Online Dating Magazine Surpasses 5,000 Twitter Followers

Online Dating Twitter Followers

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] June 8, 2014 – Online Dating Magazine surpassed 5,000 Twitter followers last week, a feat highlighted by the fact that Online Dating Magazine only follows 20 people. “Our ‘being followed’ to ‘following’ ratio is incredible,” says Joe Tracy, Publisher of Online Dating Magazine. “Twitter has always been our preferred method of…

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New Online Dating Comedy Coming to TV – A to Z

Wallflower Online Dating - NBC A to Z Comedy Show

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] May 19, 2014 – A new online dating comedy is coming to TV this Fall. Called A to Z, the show isn’t your normal online dating comedy. Instead it is about a single guy named Andrew who works for an online dating service (called Wallflower Online Dating) and loves matching other…

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29% of Brits Have Run From an Online Date

29% of Brits have run away from an online date

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] April 7, 2014 – A study of Brits, commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support, has resulted in some interesting statistics when it comes to the subject of online dating. Study results include: > 29% of Brits admit to having run away from a bad online date. > 9 out of 10 Brits…

Read More and Major League Baseball Team Up and MLB Team Up

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] April 7, 2014 – Online dating service and Major League Baseball have teamed up to help singles find love amongst other single fans. It is the first time that Major League Baseball has agreed to help their fans find love through an online dating service. Singles will be able to…

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OKcupid’s FireFox Protest Results in CEO Resigning

OKcupid has forced Mozilla FireFox's CEO to resign

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] April 3, 2014 Online dating service OKcupid is able to claim victory in its fight against FireFox. As we reported on Monday, OKcupid urged users to stop using the popular FireFox browser because the CEO of Mozilla (which owns/runs FireFox) had given money in the past to an anti-gay marriage initiative.…

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NFL Launches Matchmaking Dating Service NFL-SFL

NFL's New Matchmaking and Dating Service

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] April 1, 2014 The NFL today announced the launch of a new matchmaking and dating service. Called “ScoutingForLove” (Abbreviated as “SFL”), the new service utilizes three unique aspects to help people find both the love of their life and the NFL team they are most compatible with. The service is broken…

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OKcupid Urges Users to Reject Firefox

OKcupid is taking on Firefox due to the CEO's past stance on gay rights

[icon color=”#e96a2a” size=”16px” name=”awesome-file-alt”] March 31, 2014 Online dating service OKcupid is urging its members to reject FireFox and use either Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Opera. The move was made when OKcupid learned that Mozilla’s new CEO (Mozilla owns Firefox), Brendan Eich, has opposed equal rights for gay couples. Users logging into OKCupid via FireFox…

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